7 Tips to Save Cleaning Cost for Your Carpet


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The carpet is one of the most used pieces of home furnishing and oftentimes one of the most overlooked when it comes to cleaning. Although professional carpet cleaning may be necessary for a happy and healthy environment, there are things you can do to help reduce the cost.

7 Tips to Save Cleaning Cost for Your Carpet

Leave your shoes at the door

Different families have different views on the shoes-off vs shoes-on debate, but it is clear which one makes the most sense when it comes to keeping a clean house. By wearing shoes around the house, multiple family members are tracking in dust and dirt from the outside world. Not only does this shorten the carpet’s lifespan, it just adds more cleaning to do each week. Enlist a no shoes in the house policy to help upkeep the carpet. Whether or not you keep socks on is up to you.

Move furniture out of the way

Cleaner that is made specifically for carpet can react differently on other types of materials. Furniture can be ruined by harsh chemicals found in some carpet cleaning solutions. Moving furniture completely out of harm’s way could save you from spending hundreds of dollars on new replacement furniture. Plus, moving the furniture out of the way gives easier access to hard-to-reach spots that might usually get skipped over.

Vacuum before

Before using moist cleaning solutions or steamers, it is important to vacuum the carpet first. This rids the area of dust particles that can complicate cleaning when liquids come into play. If vacuuming does not happen enough, the floor can collect some gritty particles that can cut carpet fibers, adding to wear and tear. It is recommended to vacuum at least one a week, more in heavy-traffic areas. Make sure to move the vacuum slowly so that it has enough time to suction up everything.

Treat stains

Of course, if there is a spill it should be cleaned immediately. First, by using an absorbent towel to gently blot. Do not rub the spill as the harsh movement could spread it around. To further avoid spreading the stain, apply stain remover from the outside in. Different types of stains require different types of cleaner. There is an abundance of DIY solutions on the internet. Taking a little bit of time to research how to best treat the strain is always worth it.

Test homemade concoctions first

Before applying a DIY cleaner that you are unfamiliar with, it should be tested. Pick a small section of carpeting. One that is usually hidden under furniture is best. Apply cleaner to the section, and wait a few minutes to see if the cleaner ruins the carpet. Testing cleaner before using it over a large section of carpet could prevent a huge mistake from happening, and save hundreds of dollars in repairs.

Compare Professionals

There are several things to look at when comparing professionals. The first is added services. These services may cost extra fees – but sometimes services like protectant applicants may lengthen the lifespan of the carpet. Ask the company what services they offer to decide which ones are worth it. The next is to research if the cleaner’s charge differently for different carpet types or colors. And the most important factor in comparing professionals is customer satisfaction. If the cleaners do not do a good job you will have to pay up again for someone else to do it. Social media can aid you on the hunt to find the best carpet cleaners Brisbane has to offer. People are not shy about commenting on their experience with businesses on their Facebook or Yelp pages. Apps like Google Maps quickly pull up customer reviews from every local business.

Look for discounts

Sometimes professional cleaning companies will offer special deals, discounts or sales. These sales are often promoted on the business’ website, so check the internet often. Coupon sharing websites may also be a helpful tool. Newspapers and weekly ads will have the latest coupons for local carpet cleaners. Sometimes even just calling the company directly to ask about pricing and special deals will quickly get you the information you need. Taking the time to hunt for those discounts can greatly reduce the cost needed to clean your carpet.


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