How to Write and Release a Movie in 5 Steps


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Has making a movie always been something that you wanted to do? Then this blog might just come in handy. We’ll give you a 5 step list of things you need to do in order to successfully write and release a movie. Start now!

1. Write the story

We start with the most important part of your movie: the story. In a movie, anything can happen, which means you don’t have to slow down on anything. Different characters, an amazing new world and plot twist that no one would expect; you’re the boss of your movie. Writing a story can be hard, but by writing the storyline first and going into the finer details after, you’ll soon succeed.

2. Shotlist

Now that you have the story written, it’s time to focus on the more technical side of the movie. You might have an idea of what the movie should look like, but executing this takes it to a new level. Of course, you don’t have to do it yourself, but to meet your idea, it is ideal if you can make your vision as clear as possible. You do this by making a shotlist: every scene in the movie is written down to the finest detail, so the cameramen know who to focus on, but also what perspective they should look from.

3. Promotion

Making a movie is a lot of fun, but if there’s no one to see your work, it might be all for nothing. Therefore, it’s important to put thought into the way you promote your movie. A movie trailer is a great way of doing this, but using posters can be great as well. You want your movie to be talked about, so that people will be excited for the release of it. Going crazy isn’t a bad idea, but of course the promotion of your movie has to fit the movie itself.

4. DMCA protection

The worst fair of any moviemaker is that the movie gets shared on platforms where anyone can watch it. You miss on a lot of revenue, which might be the exact reason you’ve created the movie in the first place. This is called a DMCA takedown: a copyrighted product gets shared regardless. To protect yourself from DMCA takedowns happening to your movie, working with Onsist is the right choice. They scan the internet looking for illegal shares of your movie, after which they delete it immediately whenever something is found.

5. Enjoy the movie!

Your movie is done, your audience is gathered. What else is left than to sit back and watch the movie? The only worry that’s left is whether you want to have popcorn or nachos with your movie. Enjoy it!


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