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Having complete health insurance coverage is crucial in the fast-changing healthcare environment of today. In addition to safeguarding your finances against healthcare costs, health insurance also presents various tax advantages while e filing of income tax return. The significance of health insurance is acknowledged by the government, which motivates people to acquire coverage by offering tax benefits. In this article, you will get to know the tax benefits associated with health insurance premiums in detail.

Understanding Health Insurance Premiums

Prior to exploring the tax advantages and various types of itr, it’s important to grasp the concept of health insurance premiums. When an individual seeks coverage from an insurance company, they are required to pay a health insurance premium. This premium is the amount that the individual pays to the insurance company in exchange for the coverage they receive. The payment for it is typically made on a monthly or yearly basis, and the amount can differ based on various factors like one’s age, health status, type of coverage, and geographical location. The funding for insurance companies to offer policyholders essential coverage and benefits mainly comes from health insurance premiums.

Tax Benefits for Individuals

Here is the tax benefit provided for individuals:

Deductibility of Premiums

A major advantage of health insurance premiums in terms of taxes is that they can be deducted from your taxable income. In specific situations, people who buy health insurance independently (meaning not via an employer-provided plan) are eligible to claim a deduction for their premiums while filing income tax returns.

Section 80C

A person or a Hindu Undivided Family (HUF) can claim a tax deduction of up to INR 1.5 lakh if they invest in or spend money on certain tax-saving routes. A few tax-saving tools, like Public Provident Fund (PPF), National Pension Scheme (NPS), etc., are also supported by the Indian government.

Tax Benefits for Employers

The provision of health insurance coverage to employees is a critical responsibility that falls on the shoulders of employers. Employers who include health insurance in their employee benefits package are eligible for tax benefits offered by the government while e filing of income tax return. Employers can enjoy several significant tax advantages, including:

Deductibility of Premiums

As a business expense, employers are usually able to deduct the expenses of health insurance premiums that they pay for their employees. By taking this deduction, employers can decrease their taxable income and thereby reduce their total tax liability.

Small Business Health Care Tax Credit

The Small Business Health Care Tax Credit is available for small businesses that fulfil certain requirements. The aim of this credit is to aid small businesses in offering health insurance benefits to their staff. In order to be eligible for the credit, the employer must have less than 25 employees who work full-time equivalent hours, and their average annual wages must be below a specific threshold. When you file your yearly tax return, you can claim a credit that is equal to a percentage of the amount your employer contributes towards your health insurance premiums.

Tax Benefits for Self-Employed Individuals

Health insurance can pose distinctive challenges for individuals who are self-employed. On the other hand, they can also reap the benefits of tax incentives associated with premiums for health insurance. This is the method to do it:

Deductibility of Premiums

Individuals who work for themselves have the option to subtract the expenses of health insurance premiums for themselves, their partners, and their dependents from their gross income. It allows taxpayers to claim this deduction, which can effectively lower their total taxable income.


Health insurance premiums offer important tax advantages in addition to giving people and families the necessary financial security against medical costs. The government promotes the importance of health insurance coverage to individuals, employers, and self-employed people through the deductibility of premiums, and tax credits. People can more effectively manage their healthcare bills and maintain their well-being by being aware of and utilizing these tax benefits.


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