How to Use a Small Text Generator? 3 Simple Steps


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Do you want to know how to use the small text generator by tool? Here we can guide you about it. It is in three simple and basic steps that you can perform this method. So, without further ado, let us see the procedure:

Step by step guide:

  1. The first step is that you have to enter or paste the text that you wish to summarize.
  2. Once you have copied and pasted the text, click on the button that says ‘’small text’’.
  3. You are done! This small text generator tool will generate a summarized and concise content of the text that you have copied and pasted.

What is a small text generator?

The tiny text generator is the most effective tool used by teachers; business world professionals and students to generate concise and precise text. If you do not have the habit of reading long texts, you can make a short summary of it. Use this tool and it will produce a summary of the respective text.

Advantages of small text generator:

  • This tool has an easy to use interface. It can be used by anyone, no hassle or trouble is there.
  • It quickly converts the text into a short and summarized version.
  • This small font text generator tool makes use of advanced algorithms, which is why the results are generated in a minute.
  • In addition, it gives multiple outputs. Like, you can have the small text, small caps, or you can convert the text upside down, bold, and you can also make it bubble, and backward.
  • This small caps text generator tool has brought immense convenience for students and teachers. Instead of reading the whole boring chapter, what you can do is to upload its text in this tool and get the summary in return.
  • It remains compatible with almost all operating systems. Like, you can make it work with Android, iOS, and even with Windows, Mac.

What kind of text fonts are generated by this tool?

  • You can produce small text. Here you will catch up with the tiny appearance of the normal-looking words.
  • It generates Upside Down Text. It means that the text will appear in the totally opposite direction.
  • You can make the text bold with the help of this small fonts generator tool. Here a thicker layer is added on the alphabets.
  • You can make bubble text via this tool. Here the alphabets of words come in bubbles.
  • To come up with a backward text, you can definitely use this tool. In this case, the alphabets come in reverse order.
  • You can make the letters in small caps with the use of this small font generator tool. The words will look like uppercase alphabets but they will come in regular size.

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That is all about the basic information on the small text generator. What else do you want to know? Soon more updates are coming up, so stay tuned and connected with us.


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