Here’s How Cloud Computing Can Bolster Your SEO


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If you haven’t already switched to cloud computing, this article might just give you that little nudge you need to take the plunge. The fact is, cloud computing comes with a wide variety of different benefits, from affordability and scalability to enhanced security and so much more. But, there’s one lesser known benefit that can often go overlooked.

In this article, we’re going to look at how cloud computing can actually bolster your SEO…

Faster page load speed and improved website performance

The first advantage that cloud computing offers is faster page load speeds. This in turn reduces traffic reductions and bounce backs. Let’s be honest: how often do you find yourself waiting unusually long for a website to load only to click the back button and take your business elsewhere?

The fact is, if your website takes longer than 5 seconds to load then you’ll be losing business. And even if people do decide to stick around, if they struggle to navigate your website and get from one page to the other with relative ease, they’ll eventually leave.

If you want more ‘clicks to conversions’ then cloud computing—hosting in particular—can help you achieve that.

Not only that, but load time is a critical factor in Google’s new ranking algorithm. It’s not just about ranking the most relevant websites, but the websites that provide the best user experience as well.

Remain competitive and ahead of the curve

On the whole, cloud computing can provide you with the tools and the security necessary to keep your website competitive. Not only can it improve your SEO by allowing your site to be easily accessed by the ideal audiences, but it also reliably protects your data and provides visitors with a secure connection.

Another advantage is the fact that cloud services and SEO software go hand in hand by providing analytics tools that can help you easily manage your digital marketing campaigns, thus tailoring them accordingly. Good SEO is not just about strategy, but execution.

That and cloud services are constantly being updated as new technologies arise. This means that you can effectively gain instant access to any new ideas that will help you upgrade your website and maintain that competitive edge.

Keep your website and your content secure

Security is paramount – and also one of the biggest concerns for business owners who haven’t yet switched to cloud computing. While this was certainly a viable concern in the early days, today, cloud computing is—without question—the safest and most secure approach.

Nothing is 100% of course, however, with the best cloud service providers, coupled with the finest cyber security engineers and cloud backup services, the old ways of doing business simply cannot compete.

If in the event your website experiences any form of problem (which would be practically unheard of with the best cloud hosting available), it can easily be restored. This means minimal downtime to your operations.

Ultimately, security is a ranking factor. Google said that security acts as a tie-breaker. This means that if you and a competitor website have similar ranking signals, the one with the more secure hosting will take precedence over the other.

Final thoughts

It’s important to recognise that cloud computing isn’t guaranteed to directly improve your SEO. There are so many other important factors that you need to take care of first. In any case, if your digital marketing efforts are on point, your website is well-optimised and hosted by a premium-quality cloud provider, you will be able to enjoy some of the advantages listed in this article.


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