The Most Common Injuries in Different Sports


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Injuries happen all the time in sports. Today, most sporting injuries can be treated effectively, and patients can lead healthy lives. Even better, the injuries can be prevented by taking proper precautions. Continue reading to learn about some of the most common injuries in different sports.

Muscle Building: Knee Injury

Muscle Building - Knee Injury

Lifting too much weight can prove counterproductive. Gym-goers who perform exercises with an improper form or do the wrong type of exercise are susceptible to the risk of injury. Knee injuries are one of the most common gym injuries today.

Leg extensions are one of the leading causes of knee injuries. This gym exercise is a great way to hurt your quadricep or patella tendon. A viable alternative to leg extensions is to perform squats and lunges. That being said, performing squats also has its risks. While squats can help train the lower back, quadriceps, and abdominal muscles, they can also cause knee injuries when not correctly performed. The best way to prevent knee injuries is to go over the correct squatting technique with a licensed orthopedic specialist.

Furthermore, starting a treadmill workout routine without warming up increases the risk of muscle strain or hamstring injury. If you sustain a gym injury, don’t hesitate to contact a sports medicine specialist to run a proper diagnosis and prescribe effective treatment options. Keep in mind that physical therapy also works for Achilles tendon, ankle sprain, elbow pain, cartilage injury, spinal fractures, chronic pain, and shoulder sprain.

eSports: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

The world of PC gaming is highly competitive. The best PC games require competitive gamers to use a good gaming keyboard to enhance their gaming experience. This also entails repetitive motion of the wrist, forearm, and fingers. As a result, PC gamers are susceptible to repetitive strain injury (RSI). As you know, RSI can lead to the development of carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS). In some cases where carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) becomes severe and conservative treatments like rest, splinting, physical therapy, or medications aren’t effective, seattle hand surgery may be recommended. The surgery is a procedure aimed at relieving pressure on the median nerve by cutting the ligament that forms the roof of the carpal tunnel. This surgery can help alleviate the symptoms of CTS and prevent further nerve damage.

As a gamer, one way to reduce the likelihood of suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome is to make some adjustments to your gaming setup. First, consider top gaming keyboards that help reduce constant, repetitive movements.

There’s no denying that competitive PC gamers want gaming keyboards that guarantee excellent performance and an enjoyable typing experience. When shopping for the best gaming keyboard, you need to decide on the type of switch you want. The best gaming keyboards money can buy generally feature optical key switches or mechanical key switches. Other switch options include membrane keys or hybrid switches. Gamers don’t have to push a key down to register a keystroke with an optical or mechanical keyboard.

Also, keep an eye out for the form factor. Consider a full-size keyboard with function keys and an intuitive number pad on the right-hand side. Experts recommend a compact form factor instead of a small form factor. If you want, you can decide to buy a tenkeyless keyboard. A typical tenkeyless model features function keys without the number pad.

Some gaming keyboards forgo number pad, function keys, and arrow keys. If aesthetics are important, prioritize gaming keyboards that feature RGB lighting customization. Razer is a leading manufacturer of innovative and robust gaming keyboards. A list of the best gaming keyboards they have in stock includes the Razer Cynosa V2, Razer Huntsman V2 analog, Razer Blackwidow V3, and Razer Huntsman Elite. The beauty of the Razer Huntsman tournament edition is its optical switches, full RGB backlighting, and 1,000Hz polling rate.

You may also want to consider the Roccat Vulcan TKL pro or Roccat Titan. Remember that Roccat’s Titan optical switches may not be as responsive as Vulcan’s mechanical switches. Besides, cheap gaming keyboards may have worse switches.

Rugby: Concussion

Rugby - Concussion

Concussions are the most common injuries in professional rugby. High-contact sporting activity accounts for a significant number of concussions and other head injuries globally. Some common concussion symptoms include slurred speech, confusion, clumsiness, nausea, headache, dizziness, blurred vision, loss of memory, fatigue, forgetfulness, and loss of consciousness. Rugby players are advised to wait until symptoms have cleared before returning to normal activities.


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