Vitamin D Gummies for Kids: What Parents Should Know


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For every kid, consuming a reasonable amount of vitamin D every day is vital for developing a robust immune system and strengthening bones. The primary sources of vitamin D are absorption of sunlight and ingestion of food items such as sardines, salmon, tuna, and egg yolks as they contain a good amount of vitamin D. However, many kids don’t seem to love these superfoods, don’t they? And, if you are vegetarian, it is a matter of even greater concern for you.

Vitamin D Gummies for Kids: What Parents Should Know

Nonetheless, you need not worry about making up for the required amount of vitamin D in your kid’s body anymore as we’ve got a perfect alternative to these food items – vitamin D gummies, a vitamin supplement for kids. We’ll talk about it in detail later in this article, keep reading.

Why is Vitamin D Important?

Vitamin D is equally important for kids, adolescents as well as adults. It is associated with a strengthened immune system, stronger bones, and possible disease prevention in the following ways:

1. Stronger Bones

When it comes to the bone health of your kid, usually, calcium is on your radar. However, vitamin D is equally important for keeping your kid’s bones healthy. In fact, your kid’s body can absorb that bone-strengthening mineral properly when they have a reasonable amount of vitamin D present in their body.

Moreover, as bones are built in your kid’s body throughout their adolescence and childhood, it is imperative to provide them with enough vitamin D and calcium during this time. Otherwise, in some cases, if kids fall short of vitamin D, they may also develop health conditions like rickets, wherein their bones become soft and weak, and their legs appear to be bowed.

Though it is challenging to keep up with vitamin and mineral balance in your kid’s body just with sunlight or vitamin-D-rich food items as they might not lure their taste buds, you can maintain that with a tastier and healthier alternative like vitamin D gummies of a reliable and certified brand like NutriBears.

2. Strengthened Immune System

Vitamin D plays an essential role in strengthening your kid’s immune system. Moreover, a reasonable level of vitamin D in their body protects them against respiratory infections, which are commonly found in kids and adults these days.

Vitamin D signaling also helps suppress anti-inflammatory immune responses that regulate allergic reactions and underlie autoimmunity. These findings have been supported by clinical studies which link vitamin D deficiency to enhanced allergies, infections, and autoimmunity rates.

Despite knowing everything, it might be challenging to maintain the minimum amount of vitamin D in your kid’s body. Nonetheless, you can make it happen with NutriBear’s vitamin D gummies, which are healthy, tasty, and are available in natural flavors and colors.

3. Lower Risk of Premature Birth

The advantages of Vitamin D also extend to pregnant women and the unborn child. Researches show that premature birth risk reduces by approximately 60% when vitamin D blood levels are 40 ng/ml or higher. Ultimately, this benefits the mother as well as the kid and increases the chances of the child being born healthy.

What are the Best Sources of Vitamin D for Your Kids?

Unfortunately, there are a few food items such as salmon, eggs, mushrooms besides some fortified food items which are rich in vitamin D. And, in order to fulfill the vitamin D required in a child’s body, these items need to be consumed in good quantity, which might not be possible for your child for several reasons. Above all this, there is an even smaller number of vegetarian food items available that are rich in vitamin D.

Therefore, to help you take care of your child’s nutrition levels, some reliable brands like NutriBears provide vitamin D gummies. There is the bare minimum to no chance that your kid wouldn’t like the taste of these gummies. Their bear-shaped gummies, available in different flavors and colors are gluten, gelatine, and lactose-free, have no added preservatives, and contain 400 (IU) of vitamin D (precisely the amount of vitamin D that a kid’s body requires). However, make sure your child doesn’t consume more than one gummy in a day to keep up with the vitamin D requirement of their body, otherwise, it might result in an overdose of vitamin D.

With healthy and tasty vitamin D gummies, help your child grow healthy and disease-free.


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