The Impact of Social Proof on YouTube Videos


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YouTube + Social Proof = Success

Social proof is the power to influence people through the actions of others. It’s the term that marketers use to refer to how people “jump on the bandwagon” and the way that consumers are heavily swayed by the impression that other individuals have of a product. The basic principle of social proof is that if something is well-liked and growing in popularity, then others looking in from the outside are more likely to be drawn to it.

The Impact of Social Proof on YouTube Videos

Think about how much more likely a consumer is to step into a popular restaurant than one which is pathetically empty. The very fact that the former establishment will be perceived as popular will induce people to check out their business over their competitors. In this regard, social proof is an immensely powerful tool especially for small businesses, since it allows companies with limited budgets to compete with significantly larger corporations.

Having More YouTube Views

Perhaps the most important characteristic of your YouTube video that users will notice is how many views it has. Whether for good or for bad, this first impression might make all the difference in determining whether or not the user commits to watching your video.
The perception of a video with a large number of views is that it’s popular and similar to the crowded restaurant in the example above, this quality serves as great social proof in the eyes of other users. Once your video has an aura of popularity around it, it’ll subtlety convince other users that they should watch it, too, since they’ll want to be in the loop and talk about what’s trending. Youtube is one of the most popular platforms for uploading video content and increasing subscribers has been a real difficult task for the YouTubers. In this case, EarthWeb recommends you purchase YouTube subscribers from any legit sites.

Having More YouTube Likes or Dislikes

One of the most important facts about likes and dislikes is they are immediate. Since the like or dislike has to come from an actual YouTube account, it is much easier for YouTube to filter our fake or obvious bot engagements.

This means that the like/dislike ratio in real-time and can give the user a better idea of people’s reactions to the video. Views are on a time delay and are not a real-time for anyone other than the uploader and YouTube.

This means that the likes/dislikes ratio is the first thing that can be affected by social proof. If you need some likes or dislikes on your video, you can get YouTube Likes and views from here.

Having Positive YouTube Comments

Even more, than with views and likes, a cheap Youtube views on Youtube has the power to change how a user perceives your video. The reason why comments can sway users more than the aforementioned statistics is that they contain the added benefit of sharing key information about your video.

Whether it’s a subtle joke that they may have missed or an exact moment of the video which they should pause for a good laugh, comments can convey valuable information that could never be expressed in a “like.”

Having More YouTube Subscribers

Having More YouTube Subscribers

The three elements of social proof mentioned above have all focused exclusively on the video side of things, but the number of subscribers that you have can also influence the perception of your channel.

Having a large number of subscribers serves as social proof by reflecting the popularity of your videos to users, which itself strengthens your social credibility and attracts more viewers. This social proof will convince other users to subscribe to your channel, which will increase your traffic on all of your videos.


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