Lucky Things To Keep At Home According to Vastu – Shastra


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Vastu – Shastra is a part of Vedic Astrology. It is the science in which a person decorates a house or keeps things in a particular direction that is lucky. And these directions are told by an astrologer, and he is also known as Vastu Expert.

As we all know, people don’t have time for anything; people are so busy that they have forgotten what happiness is and what peace is. When they realize that they are not happy and there is no peace in their house, they go to as astrologer and take advice on Vastu – Shastra.

Lucky Things To Keep At Home According to Vastu - Shastra

Many astrologers give their best services to make someone’s life happy and in peace. And filling someone’s life with positive energy is a kind of renaissance. There are many approved traditions and trinkets of Vastu – Shastra. They all are made to banish negative energies from your house or space and fill with positive points. This made easy with the help of Vastu – Shastra.

As you know that there are five major elements in nature, namely – fire, earth, air, water and space. These elements have some distinct energy, reflecting which fills your life and house with positive points, good luck, health and wealth. We, as a human, don’t have such powers to attract these energies. Some things can easily attract these energies, and these things are very affordable and adorable that has the powers to attract such energies.

In this article, I m going to tell you about such things that are lucky to be kept at home as per Vastu – Shastra and have powers to attract that energies and fill your house with bliss. Here is the list of some things that are luckiest as per Vastu – Shastra:


Bamboo is considered to be lucky for the health of the family. You can put the bamboo plant anywhere in the house, but if you put it in the east direction, it enhances the family’s health; I would suggest trying a red ribbon around the bamboo plant as it brings good luck to you. As in Vastu – Shastra, bamboo represents wood, and red ribbon represents fire, and they both together represent the perfect balance in the life of a person.


Buddha or laughing Buddha is used to bring good fortune, peace, success and health. Even it can be used as a home decor item in the house. And the best thing about Buddha décor item is that they are available in various shapes that are mudras. And it is the position that Buddha used to sit in a while doing meditation. Some mudras are Anjali Mudra, Varada Mudra, Karana Mudra, etc. Every mudra has a distinct deed, and each of them helps a person get closer to Nirvana.

Burn Sage

Burning sage that too white sage is beneficial in two ways, firstly it wards off negative energy from the house of one’s vicinity faster than anything else, and secondly, the smoke of sage helps to remove bacteria plaguing the air while repelling insects and even improving the overall environment of the house.


Tortoise, according to Chinese Mythology, brings longevity and positive energy to the household. There are different tortoise figurines with each ruling specific direction. The best day to put a tortoise in the house is Wednesday and Friday. Nowadays, astrologers advise people to wear a tortoise ring or turtle ring, which is always positive.

Dream catcher

As per Vastu – Shastra, a dream catcher has a spider web design in it that allows only good dreams to come through it and reach the children by passing through the feathers attached to it. It stops terrible plans to pass through it. It is specially made for children. It is placed over the children’s bed to ensure that bad dreams don’t disturb their child’s peace of mind.

Water fountain

As per Vastu – Shastra, you must invest in a water fountain or painting with water flowing to attract positive energy in the house. But make sure you always place the water fountain in the north direction.


Crystals are very lucky to be kept in the bedroom. But there are different crystals with different benefits, and they can be placed in other parts of the house like Carnelian and Apatite crystals are best for the kitchen as they help in creativity. Azurite and Pyrite crystals promote wealth and focus. Rose quartz is for love, and Nine Carnelian crystals help in enhancing an open-minded approach.

Horse shoe

According to Vastu – a Shastra horseshoe is very lucky for a home, and it stops devil or negative energies from entering the house. It is said that once a blacksmith was working at his shop, a devil came and asked for a shoe. The blacksmith recognized him and gave him a burning hot shoe, which he took and after sometimes, he felt the heat and removed the shoe and swore to never them again. This is why you must put a U shaped horseshoe at the entrance of the house.

There are many more such luckiest things which can be kept at home and have a peaceful and happy life. For knowing more things about the free readings and Vastu for your house consult famous Astrologer in Ahmedabad without consulting fees


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