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Looking at commercial product illustrations is typically the greatest motivation to make your own. And there’s a variety to pick from – some companies use charm, some depend on their credibility, while others seek more visually compelling strategies. Although the best advertising videos do share a couple of items in common — they connect you up quickly, reel you back, and send a simple message. That is what sets advertising videos away from educational and other forms of footage. There are countless avenues to implement certain functions, and that’s where it’s going to be exciting!

Best And Irresistible Promotional Video Ideas

Below are a few explanations of how some of the world’s biggest companies have managed to get hundreds of millions of consumers to check out and display their advertisements deliberately.

Dollar Shave Club — Our Blades Are F@%#ing Great

Here’s a classic illustration of how a reasonably low-budget video ad went viral (24 M views on YouTube) and got the brand well established in a short time. The trick is the company CEO who comes across a camera. He uses a brilliant, humorous script that understands who his target is and who’s performing well at that point.

M&S Foods — Adventures In Wonderfood

We’ve seen many food and restaurant promotional videos, so this is many of the eye-catching we’ve ever seen. The graphics are beautiful, and they just jump straight off the frame. The movie begins with a black background which leads to a sense of visual confusion at the NewsFeed, while many social networks possess a mild motif. Then remember what happens to the two-second mark: you get a real explosion of color. This promo video is a classic example of what commercial videos can do to their viewers.

Old Spice — The Man, Your Man, Could Smell Like

This advertisement has been a textbook illustration of ways to utilize crazy, overblown comedy to advertise a product. With a lot of special effects and fun, this advertising video has a specific venue. It’s earned more than fifty-three million YouTube views, but it wouldn’t have been easy to produce. You can choose for a promotions on YouTube to get more views

Starbucks — A Year Of Good

While the introductory hook is small, it is still present for the first three seconds. The phrase that said we had been drinking a lot of coffee last year is straightforward and believable, so the audience is glad to hang around to hear the actual figure, literally dragging it through the picture. Finally, they wind up with a letter of gratitude to their customers. Business promotional videos is an excellent example of how businesses utilize publicity videos for products other than name awareness and food advertisements.

TNT — A Dramatic Surprise On A Quiet Square

It’s probably one of the most complex concealed camera pranks beyond compare, so who doesn’t enjoy a decent practical gag? Unlike other excellent video promotions, there lies a clear connection here amid the subject of the audiovisual (a sequence of theatrical events) and the item it supports (a TV drama channel).


Celebrity’s sponsorship with a twist! Charlie Sheen is renowned for creating unfavorable publicity, and the hostels have a reputation for lousy working standards, reckless guests, etc. Hostelworld attempts to tackle these myths head-on by presenting a set of allegories of Charlie Sheen’s alleged poor conduct. And because it is a series, it will help each movie to reflect only 1 myth concerning hostels, bringing the point home without overcomplicating the concept.

Blendtec – Will It Blend?

As one of the most striking and popular commercial marketing promotions beyond compare, Blendtec has created more than 100 videos that demonstrate how great their liquidizers are by mixing different unblendable products. iPads, marbles and Golf balls have both been purged by the CEO of Blendtec, Tom Dickson contributing to almost 300 M cumulative views.

LG — So Good It’s Scary

That is another innovative veiled camera-style system that allows ‘average’ viewers to become emotionally engaged as viewers, so we can’t help but picture us in the similar scenario. We think with curiosity that if some people got misled and fooled, LG TVs would have to be amazing.

Why These Promotional Videos Work

87% of businesses use video in their advertisement, a significant rise from 63% in 2017. Yet, as we all realize, ‘everybody does something’ isn’t a valid excuse. But now that 83% of advertisers agree that video brings them an excellent return on investment, we’re going to take them at words.

The main explanation for such styles of videos to perform so well is that they merge current consumer experience with an improved content distribution network. You don’t have to ask someone to watch videos — they do so at an increasing pace every day, of course. You can do so much more by using InVideo, a promo video maker, that lets everyone build videos in minutes. Combine the two powers, and you’ve got a potent weapon.

Tell A Story

We don’t think of the ‘once upon a time’ sort of narrative. But instead, using the technique of storytelling to explain the point is a great way to go forward with it. People are hard-wired to grasp myths and tales. Stories help us make sense of their specifics and put bits of the signs in a manner which we may remember. And how do you do this job in commercial videos?

Consider the Feel, Felt, Found method. Again, use your audience as the subject.

  1. I know how you feel—frustrated by your problem.
  2. Because I felt the same way, I was unsure of the solution.
  3. But then I found this, and it changed my life for the better.

Creating promotional videos may even help build confidence with your audience. 57% of customers say that videos have provided them more faith to shop online. No matter how you cut it, there’s never been a more substantial opportunity to participate in digital marketing than now!

Both these explanations and suggestions imply for video creation that, commonly speaking, brand videos will rely on helping the viewer appreciate their issues. Promotional videos in the base of the funnel must always rely on forming the true purchasing decision: contrasts, sense of urgency, etc.


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