The Holiday Season Family Must Haves


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There are always those friends and family members that have specific roles when spending time together, from the jester to the planners and caterers. We generally don’t overthink these roles, but most families have them. This article looks at formalizing some of these positions in readiness for a family get-together.

The Holiday Season Family Must Haves

These are the often unthought-of family holiday positions that must be given and nominated so the incumbent can prepare and be ready for the time spent with family and friends over the festive season.

The Barista

This is simply the person who makes the coffees and teas. Someone must be prepared to take the orders and then make the coffee and teas at family gatherings and time spent with friends. Once nominated or volunteered, as long as they have a kettle or the requisite coffee machine, then they are on the clock. Any hot drinks should be their area of expertise and their readiness for this unquestioned.

The cocktail maker

Whether they are mocktails or cocktails, there are some great Christmas cocktail recipes that all families, barpersons, and cocktail makers need to have in their repertoire. Regardless of where the family holiday is, there has to be one who has mastered the art of the cocktail. Sundowners or fireside snacks are incomplete without a cocktail in tow. The drinks should be taken with as should the mixers, the various aromatics, shakers, and measurement glasses.

The games master

Ensuring that the best board games have been packed and that there’s a game for every taste and all ages is the role of the games master. The go-to favorites like scrabble, monopoly, chess, and a variety of card games have now been added to with a host of virtual reality and e games.

The movie and entertainment manager

There’s always likely to be a great range of movies on the television over the holiday period, but being able to plan ahead and record or save the family favorites or the specific kids movies that you know the clan likes will go a long way towards keeping everyone entertained and happy.

Food and snack prepper

If you’re all together just for a meal, then it is best to suggest a ‘bring and share’ so that no one person has to spend too much time preparing the meal. But over the course of a longer get-together, there should either be a rota for who’s sorting the meals or a couple of people who want to make this their thing. Then simply share a possible menu in advance, buy the appropriate food and snacks and share the costs.

The holiday season is a great time to spend time with friends and family, and it’s the best way to relax and recharge the batteries. However, it’s also a fun and interesting way to get everyone involved by allowing them to do the things they like and do it for those we care for. Having set and agreed responsibilities and roles makes for a much more seamless holiday time, and everyone gets to be responsible for something.


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