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What Exactly Is 1×2 Betting?

Soccer odds 1×2 is the outcome of an event in which a draw is possible. This could be a full-time match, sub-division, half-time, or quarter. The 1×2 notation in betting is broken down into 1, x, and 2, where 1 indicates the winning team, X signifies a draw, and 2 represents the winning team. To simplify the display and interpretation of betting odds, operators use the 1×2 format. Surprisingly though soccer is the cornerstone of sports betting, only a few sports bettors can understand how to wager on it.

Betting odds are in a variety of formats. The most common form is decimal (the European style). The European format, for example, is denoted as 1.7 or 2.76. Multiply this value by the stake amount to determine the return if the bet succeeds. The stake is part of the return. As a result, a $10 bet at odds of 1.7 will return $17 if the wager is a winner. The fractional betting odds format is another option (the UK style).

The odds format in the United Kingdom will be 3/2 or 4/5. The fraction multiplies the stake value by the bet’s return minus the value. A $10 wager at 3/2 odds returns 10*3 / 2 = $15. Other betting odds formats used in specific countries include:

  • The US odds format (used in the United States).
  • Malay odds format (used in Malaysia).
  • HK odds format (used in Hong Kong).

Soccer Betting Methods

Making money through soccer wagering requires patience, expertise, and attention to detail. These simple tips will give you an advantage in beating the books and turning a profit.

Learn the Rules for Every Wager

It is the most common error made by novice soccer gamblers. Many books have different rules for various wagers, and the language can be confusing if you’re not paying attention. For instance, when betting on goal scorer props, you must know which sportsbooks will void a wager if the player doesn’t start and which will take action if he plays as little as one minute.

You must also be aware of the rules regarding extra time. While the three-way moneyline is typically graded after 90 minutes and does not account for overtime, most player props do. Therefore, if you bet on Harry Kane to score for England and he scores the game’s first goal in the 110th minute, you’ll want to know whether that will be considered a win.

Injuries and Lineups

It can be one of the most important factors regarding line movement in soccer betting. It is particularly true for player props such as goal scorers and total shots. Lineups are typically available 60 to 90 minutes before kickoff, and they can drastically alter the odds.

Wait for the announcement of the lineups if you want to get a good closing line value in soccer markets. Check out the manager’s press conference remarks. Know who has injuries and who may require rest or rotation. Examine the manager’s past lineups to determine his tendencies.

In tournaments such as the World Cup, where matches occur every few days, players are frequently rotated and rested based on the team’s needs. It is especially true for the second and third-group-stage matches. Knowing as much information as possible will allow you to obtain the best possible odds on your wagers.

Determine the Motivations of Both Teams

It is crucial when betting on a tournament such as the World Cup. Not every team strives for victory. When Canada plays Belgium in the first match, they will not attack as aggressively as they would against Morocco in the third match. It is because Belgium is the more talented team and is expected to win the group, and this is the first group match.

Belgium will be much more aggressive because they realize they must defeat Canada to get off to a good start. If Canada can steal a draw, they will be in an excellent position to advance. However, if they were to play offensively and lose 4-0, they would not only have lost but also be behind the rest of the group in terms of goal differential.


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