Don’t Let a Broken Lock Compromise Your Security: Tips for Prevention and Repair


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Your home is your safe haven, and a place where you should feel safe and secure. However, if your front door or back door lock is broken, it might be compromising the security of your home. If you have a broken lock, it’s crucial to address this issue as soon as possible to ensure that you, your home, and your belongings remain safe. Keep reading for some top tips on how to prevent broken locks, and what to do if you are dealing with this situation.

Prevention is Key

One of the best things that you can do to deal with broken locks is to prevent them happening in the first place. If you’ve recently had a broken lock replaced by a locksmith in Cardiff, they can provide you with further advice and information on what to do to prevent it happening again. There are several things you can do to prevent broken locks, including:

Avoid Forcing the Lock

It can be tempting to force the lock open or closed if you’re in a rush or feeling frustrated. However, this can be very damaging to the lock and may even cause it to break. When locking and unlocking your door, always use gentle, steady pressure.

Regular Maintenance

If you want to avoid broken locks and the need to call out an emergency locksmith based in Cardiff like Curley Locks, then regular maintenance is key. Lubricating the locks regularly using a silicone spray, for example, can help to keep them in better condition and functioning smoothly for longer. A good Cardiff locksmith can help you choose the right maintenance products to use.

Check for Loose Screws

Loose screws can cause a malfunctioning lock, so it’s crucial to check for them regular. If you notice any loose screws, tighten them as soon as possible to prevent them causing any damage to the lock.

Use Keys Properly

Using your keys correctly is important for preventing a broken lock. Only use the key designated for that lock and avoid leaving the keys in the door if you know that somebody else will need to unlock the door and get in from the outside. Avoid twisting your keys in the lock or using excessive force when turning them. If you do end up with a broken or stuck lock, contact a professional locksmith Las Vegas right away for fast and reliable service.

Repairing a Broken Lock

In the event that you find yourself dealing with a broken lock, there are a few things that you can do to repair it:

  • Identify the problem: Figure out what’s gone wrong. Is the key not working, or is the lock not turning?
  • Use the right tools: If you can repair the lock, have the right tools to hand, such as a screwdriver, pliers, or a lubricant. In some cases, it’s best to call a professional and have the lock replaced.
  • Lubricate the lock: If your lock is sticking, lubricating it might solve the problem. Use a professional product designed for this purpose to lubricate the lock and help it turn smoothly.

A broken lock can be a frustrating situation that may leave your home unprotected. By understanding how to prevent this situation, you can keep your home comfortable and safe.


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