List of Some of the Must Haves for your Newborn


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The holiday season is close and it’s the time to make that baby shopping list which you were waiting to make the whole year. It is always quite hectic some for parents to opt for the clothes of new born especially when it comes to baby girl clothes where you got such huge variety. Newborn requires lot of stuff when it comes to their clothes but still there are few necessary things that cannot be avoided at any cost. Now when the time has arrived, we are here to help you guide to some of the must haves for your baby. Let’s agree to this, that there are times when we are not able to give our babies the care and comfort they deserve. Our busy lifestyles have made it impossible for us to ensure that our babies are getting what they need and are happier and growing properly. Being a parent requires being responsible as well, and it is important that we never compromise with our responsibilities.

List of Some of the Must Haves for your Newborn

Worry not! Our today’s guide explores everything around what you can do to provide your baby with the required comfort and help them grow better. Our list of baby must haves will provide with those items which can help you ensure that your baby is getting every little thing that he/she wants to get in the required shape and strength and would ensure that you parenting is being done right. Let’s get started.

1. Nursery furniture:

It is a must to have the appropriate furniture for your baby in order to ensure that your baby is being provided with the required comfort and is learning to grow with the required tools needed. Some of the most essential items which you must have in your buying checklist is a crib or co-sleeper and crib mattress. To find the right product, you can easily make use of keywords for your required products on the internet such as buy baby blanket online India and other related keywords according to your product requirement and can get the appropriate suggestions and the top websites selling the chosen baby products online.

2. Baby Linens:

Yes, the right linens play an important role in keeping your baby safe and ensure that they are getting the required warmth in their early years. Remember those times when we were small and our mothers always kept us in warm clothes, so that our bodies remain warm and we get the required nourishment and comfort and never get caught up in constant change of temperatures. Some of the must have baby linens include crib sheets, crib bumper, newborn baby wrap blankets which ensures that the baby always feels snug and cozy. If you like, you can also add matching quilts, swaddles and crib skirts. Looking for a baby-friendly superfine 2ply yarn that 100% pure and perfecly fine for baby.

3. Baby Proofing gear:

It is important to ensure that your home is baby proof and there is nothing which can risk or put your baby in danger. Some of the most important things which you might need include furniture anchors, cabinet latches, outlet covers, gates at the top and bottom of all stairs, drawer latches and fireplace bumpers. Also, it is better to have toilet locks and corner guards for low tables.

4. Formula feeding gear:

Feeding formula to your babies is one of the most difficult tasks. It is important to have the right gear while doing that. If you do not know how to search the right products online, here’s a small tip, always while searching for a product that you want to purchase, define it clearly to your search so that it can easily give you the appropriate results. For example, if you are looking for blankets for your baby, search type “buy baby blanket online India”, and Google, or any other search engine you’re on will provide you with the appropriate suggestions. The must have formula feeding gear for your baby includes a bottle-drying rack, bottles with newborn nipples (around 8), bottle cleaning brush, cotton bibs (6 or more), several weeks’ worth of formula, burp cloths (6 or more), etc.

5. Breastfeeding Gear:

Breastfeeding gear is important to provide you with required support and ensure that your newborn is being breastfed properly. Some of the most important items which you are going to need includes a nursing pillow, 6 or more cotton bibs, 2-3 boxes of nursing pads, 2-3 nursing bras, burp clothes (6 or more) etc. Make sure that you purchase them at one time to save money on your purchases and ensure that you are getting everything on your checklist. Purchasing items in gaps, will make you forget and will be difficult for you to get the items right when you need them. Also, you can buy unisex baby shower gifts for your baby. Thus, make sure that all of the items in your checklist are being purchased in one go.


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