Is OSU Tablet Worth It?


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There is no doubt that OSU is a great game. It is also addictive. You also probably know that you can play it via a mouse, a tablet or both. If you are old-fashioned, you are stuck to the mouse because it gives a feeling of more control. The new generation of players will be more inclined to tablets as it is savvy and comes with loads of perks.

Is OSU tablet worth it

When you get to such a cross line where you have to decide between a mouse and tablet, your preference will play a big role. And since technology keeps changing, it will not harm you to get savvy devices for your gaming. With all that in mind, is OSU tablet worth it?

The short answer to that will depend on who you are asking. There are those who will buy the tablet right away, while others will be more reserved before deciding.

Perks of OSU tablet

Before you buy anything, you would want to know if it will give you back the value of your money. It is no different when it comes to buying your gaming paraphernalia. The OSU tablet is an amazing device that will give you a great experience, but is it worth your money and time? Let’s find out below by looking at its advantages over a mouse:

  • Makes it easy to play: You will not be bothering with a mouse and clicking buttons. All you do is touch the active points on the screen and you are ready to play. The tablet puts a lot of control in your hands and nothing can stop you from doing your thing.
  • It is tech savvy: the mouse was first introduced during the early ages of computers. It has been there for all this time. Now it is about time it bows out of the scene and allow new devices to take its place. A tablet is a modern device and trendy. It gives an impression that you are keeping up with technology tides. You do not want to be stuck in yesterday era when there devices that are designed for the modern game.
  • No cleaning of surface below: before using a mouse, you have to make sure the surface below is clean. That will cut down the time you have to play. With a tablet, you turn it on and you are in for a playing ride. You save time and you do not bother with dusting surfaces around you.
  • Instant action: for some mice, you have to wait for them to be ready. It is quite embarrassing if you have to wait for several minutes before you get on with your game. On the flip side, tablets have almost zero wait time. You turn it on and your play time starts immediately.
  • More ergonomic: there is an angle you have to observe when using a mouse. It also involves clicking of buttons, which is not always convenient. A tablet takes away the burden of clicking buttons and having to sit in certain angles. You sit in front of the screen and you are ready to lose yourself in the game. You will not be complaining of back pain because tablets are made for convenience of the user.
  • Better odds to improve your skills: a tablet is easy to use. Since you are not preoccupied with clicking buttons, you will improve your skills within a short time. You can scale the ladders of techniques and become a pro.

Should invest in OSU tablet?

We are passionate gamers too and we think OSU tablet will be a great inclusion to your gaming arsenal. You need flexibility with everything you do on the screen. By virtue of being an old technology, the mouse has outlived its time and you should make the switch right now. We do not mean you should throw your mouse into the dust bin; you will still want to use it from time to time. It is also advisable that you can do a comparison before you make a complete switch to using the tablet. We leave you to make the decision and we are happy that you will be well informed.


Whether to buy OSU tablet or not, it is a personal decision. You know how you want to play and whether the tablet will add an edge to your gaming. But as much as your preference will have the final say, a graphic tablet comes with a load of advantages. It is not a bad addition to your gaming tools. After all, we are living in the world of technology and such gadgets will be dominating the future. Is it going to be the mouse or tablet? You have the final say and our hope is that we have made the decision easy for you.


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