Key Reasons Why Training Your Dog is a Must


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An important part of being a dog owner is to take full responsibility for your dog. Dogs are not born naughty or vicious. However, if they are not treated well or develop behavioral problems, they may very well start being either or both. These tendencies should be addressed and sorted out as soon as they start to become apparent. There are plenty of dog behavioral specialists who are happy to give advice though obviously, you may want to refer to your training school first to see what they recommend or you can also hire for in house dog training.

Key Reasons Why Training Your Dog is a Must

To eliminate danger to themselves and others

It is important to be able to control your dog in dangerous situations. Having an over-excitable dog that does not understand even the basic commands or totally ignores your instructions can not only end you up in a lot of bother and even a lawsuit but could potentially end your canine friend’s life. This is the reason that you should hire experienced Tulsa dog trainers to train your dog.

Teaching your dog climbing a ladder, the commands to sit, stay, and very importantly leave is a must, and it is not just in the tone of your voice but with the correct hand gestures too, as you may find that your dog cannot hear you, but if it can see your hand movements clearly it should still respond if taught the hand signals.

It is good to be prepared just in case you find that your dog still gets itself into trouble and have it registered with a good reputable vet who knows your dogs breed well, such as, make sure to have their contact details logged on your cell phone for emergency contacts so that if you need them, they will be there ready for your call.

For sheer enjoyment and bonding

You may be surprised to know that your dog will find puppy training classes very enjoyable and enlightening. Dogs are generally very intelligent and inquisitive creatures, who like very much to please, especially if there is a treat in it for them, which they, you probably won’t be surprised to know, learn fast that there generally is.

If you have just one member of your household take your dog to puppy training classes, you will find that they bond very well with that one person, and you may find that they do not necessarily regard anyone else as master. So, with this in mind, it is a good idea to get different members of the household being the master at the training classes so that your dog realizes that it must take instruction from everyone.

For control and obedience

Having a dog that you can control and is totally obedient is something that should not be knocked. On the other hand, taking a badly behaved dog or one that is not trained out for a walk can be a very stressful activity, not only for the dog walker. Animals, in general, pick up on the moods of those around them, so if you are feeling stressed and anxious about meeting other dogs or even people while out on your walk due to the way your dog will react, then it is likely to be worst as your dog will be even more on guard due to your stress levels.

However, if your dog is calm throughout its walk, it makes it a pleasure to be walked and not only from the dog’s point of view but from the walkers as well.


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