How to Take Your Vlog to The Next Level


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The internet is flooded with vlogs in almost every subject imaginable. From make-up tutorials to film reviews to public pranks, it seems that every topic has been covered in the vlogging world. So, how do you ensure that your video blog stands out? Whether you’re a serious YouTuber or you just want to make engaging videos that document your day-to-day life, we can help you take your vlog to the next level.

How to Take Your Vlog to The Next Level

Be unique and interesting

Your vlog content should be engaging and interesting, but most importantly, it should be unique. There are a multitude of vlogs on the internet, so you want to make sure that yours stands out from the rest. Think seriously about how you can create unique content that will keep your audiences engaged. Whilst you might be tempted to just improvise, it’s always a good idea to create some kind of plan. It doesn’t have to be a fully detailed script; just something that keeps you on the right track and will prevent you going off on unrelated tangents that might test viewers’ attention spans. Also make sure you do research before any new posts, as any information that’s wrong will impact on your credibility. Even if your vlog is dedicated to one of your specialist subjects that you know lots about, there will still be new things you can learn that will go towards keeping your vlog fresh.

Edit and polish

Your vlog doesn’t have to be Hollywood movie-level of professionalism, but it always helps if it’s at least of decent quality. In today’s technological world, with ease of access to filming and editing tools right at our fingertips, viewers will not forgive you for poor-quality video footage. Most smartphones can create at least a basic level of footage, but why not look to improve on your quality? Something as simple as a tripod stand for your camera can make a huge difference in the overall effect of your videos. Similarly, just taking time to create effective lighting and using editing software will also greatly enhance your videos. If you want that extra edge that marks you out from your competitors, then look at professional service that offer OTT media options.

Create a persona

If you want to ensure your vlog hits another level, you need to consider your on-screen persona and presence. Over time, this will get easier to convey once your vlog becomes more established and you become more experienced in front of the camera. You don’t have to completely adopt a new persona but try your best to adapt your presenting manner to your audience. For instance, if your vlog is about a niche interest or hobby, don’t be afraid to show your passion for it. Adjusting your energy to the vlog content and to your target audience will help you connect with viewers. If you’re new to vlogging, then practice speaking in front of the camera and ask a friend or relative for feedback on your technique.

Post regularly

A blog that’s regularly updated with new content shows viewers that it’s healthy and active. Not only that, but regularly posting content will encourage traffic to your vlog, especially if you’ve got subscribers who receive notifications every time you post. You might also want to supplement your vlog with a social media page to help widen your audience and to alert viewers to any new posts. Be careful about over-posting, however, as you don’t want to irritate followers. Bombarding your audience with a barrage of content is overwhelming and can easily make them switch off. Try to find a healthy balance, so that you’re creating regular content without being too over-zealous.


Taking your vlog to the next level is more straightforward than it sounds. As long as your video blog is unique, interesting, and high quality, and that you post regularly and have the appropriate presenting manner, then you’re on the right track.


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