10 Effective Strategies to Increase Your YouTube Views


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There’s no better time to promote content on YouTube channel than today because it has a huge audience to target. Moreover, YouTube’s algorithm assists users a lot in navigating content. No matter whether you are a starter or an experienced content creator, getting more views must be at the top of the to-do list of every content marketer. In this post, you will discover the top 10 strategies that are highly effective to increase your YouTube views easily and organically.

10 effective strategies to increase your youtube views

What counts as a YouTube view?

The total number of times a specific video or channel has been watched by users is counted as a view. Whenever any user plays a video and watches it for 30 or more seconds, YouTube considers it a view. Additionally, when any user watches your specific video multiple times, it will be counted as a view each time. This concept is applied across all devices regardless of whether they are watching a video on desktop computers, laptops, or smartphones.

When any user visits and explores your YouTube channel page, you will get a view. Luckily, YouTube provides an option to check the number of views using YouTube Analytics. While using this option, access the Overview tab to find out how many views you have received on your YouTube channel over the past 28 days.

10 strategies to boost views on YouTube.

You might have noticed the trend to buy YouTube views but have you ever thought about why creators are dedicated to increasing their views count? Views are important metrics that play a significant role in the channel’s success and influence the YouTube algorithm in ranking your videos.

Additionally, they are a pivotal aspect of monetizing your channel for increased ROI and boosted revenue. It helps creators build and strengthen their social proof which shows their content is valuable and popular among the audience.

Other benefits of increasing view count include improved visibility on the recommended page and search results, enhanced credibility, and a wider reach to potential audiences.

Wondering how you can increase the number of views to take advantage of all these benefits? Implement the proven strategies listed below –

1. Unique content with perfect title

This is the number one strategy as viewers visit the platform just to watch interesting videos. So, create a good video that nobody else is creating. Understand what your target audience wants to watch and then compose content that provides great value to your viewers.

Focus on your video title ensuring it has the power to impress potential viewers and the YouTube algorithm. A perfect title includes between 60-70 characters, brackets, parentheses, and a number. It may have the qualities that spark curiosity among viewers.

2. Custom thumbnails

YouTube reports that around 90% of highly viewed YouTube videos use a custom and unique thumbnail. Without a compelling thumbnail, you would not get as many views as you expect because it brings your viewers’ interest. Create an accurate thumbnail that stands out from the crowd and aligns with the title of your video. You will require 1280×720 pixels and .bmp, .jpg, .gif, or .png file format.

3. Employ YouTube SEO

Do you know that YouTube is the world’s second-largest search engine? By practicing YouTube SEO tactics, you can increase your possibility of appearing in the YouTube search results of users. Moreover, it allows reaching audiences using text-based search engines. Research relevant keywords and use them in your video title, hashtag, description, tags, and timestamp titles.

4. Focus on audio quality

Don’t compromise on audio quality as it can distract viewers and pull them from watching your videos. Make a test recording before uploading the video and reduce echo. Invest in an advanced microphone and use a pop filter. Add subtitles to make the video accessible for everyone.

5. Promotion on social media channels

Share your YouTube videos on the entire social media world to let your audience find your content on every social media platform. Regularly post the video on platforms you are active on and persuade your followers to become your loyal subscribers.

6. Invest in YouTube shorts

Over 1.5 billion people watch YouTube shorts daily because they are highly mobile-friendly. These are vertical videos of about 60 seconds in length. Therefore, they consume lots of space on mobile screens. More YouTube users are interested in watching shorts over long-form videos.

YouTube shorts appeal to around 70% of users who access YouTube on mobile devices. So, invest in YouTube shorts ensuring they open with a compelling statement. Ask a question or tell your users what the short is all about. Keep your shorts restricted to 60 seconds and allow looping so that the video replays after a viewer finishes the video.

7. Buy genuine views

If you are unable to spend serious time on various strategies and need an immediate organic boost in the views count, buy views from BuyQualityLikes. It allows receiving real views from genuine users with the assurance of organic engagement. It is a 100% safe strategy with guaranteed results.

8. Engage

YouTube represents a growing community where people around the world are engaging through videos, likes, profiles, and comments. The more engagement you show in these communities, the more you are likely to develop a stronger connection with the audience. So, engage with your followers and respond to their comments.

9. Host a giveaway or contest

Organizing a YouTube giveaway or contest will encourage more audiences to subscribe to your YouTube channel and engage with your content. Try to keep your contests simple to allow the audience to engage with your content through likes, comments, and subscribing to your channel. Leverage user-generated content and various non-traditional entry requirements for more creativity. Be sure that what you are hosting follows the policies of YouTube.

10.Create playlists

Creating playlists is important to group your videos into various categories and appeal to the viewers’ desires by organizing your channel effectively. It helps boost views as the next video plays automatically, preventing further hassles for viewers.


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