How to Prepare for the 10 Class Maths Olympiad


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Millennium students have a variety of different exams at every stage of their academic life. One of the most prestigious and well-acquainted ones is the Olympiad exam. The Olympiad exam or Olympiads is a method for the students to compete with other students with similar educational levels. Olympiad exams are exceptionally useful for all levels of education from 1 to 10. These exams are a platform for students from all different schools, boards and areas to come up together and compete at the same level. It promotes the basis of teaching the same subjects on a different variety of platforms. It helps to pinpoint their sturdiness and feebleness.

How to Prepare for the 10 Class Maths Olympiad

Mathematics is the most difficult subject in the eyes of the students, but actually, it’s not hard to achieve. The basics of maths are to understand the given problem and break down the situation into smaller pieces. This will help them to understand the situation and accordingly calculate the given solution.

The problems are just some calculations of numbers but they tend to become more complex when added alphabets in them. Then the students get confused and make silly mistakes.

Olympiad exam scholarships for standard 10th are also available which every student can give, like National Talent Search Examination or NTSE, Indian National Olympiad (INO), National Science Olympiad, and many more. Students strive hard to achieve their desired goals as to get the highest rank in Olympiads. The first and foremost requirement for this achievement is to know the Olympiad exam syllabus, followed by the preparation. The syllabus of this exam is different for all the different boards but consists of quite similar questions. Therefore, you should be well prepared for conquering your achievements.

While preparing for this Olympiad in class 7, a student should have the following guidelines in mind:

  • 70% of the syllabus for this examination consists of the chapters taught in the year before.
  • The most important chapters are Integers, Exponents, Algebraic Expressions, Linear Equations, Lines and Angles and Comparing Quantities.
  • Starting preparation as early as possible is highly beneficial.
  • Time management is one of the key factors, do not spend more than one and a half minutes on one question.
  • Solve sample question papers and questions of the mentioned chapters for practice.
  • Make sure to recheck all your answers if you have completed your paper before time.
  • Remember to utilize the rough workspace provided on the question paper.
  • The paper consists of 30 questions of different difficulty levels which are to be answered in the span of 45 minutes.
  • All the questions are MCQ based and students are given 4 answer choices for each question.
  • A 2H pencil must be used to answer all the questions for answering the questions.
  • If more than one choice is darkened for a question, no marks will be awarded for that question.

How To Plan For Olympiad

• To have an early start

For the students who want to go for higher scores, this point is to be applied first. The start should be a steady stream for smooth flowing throughout the year. An early start is to be practised from the very beginning of the 10th class. Olympiads are usually conducted in November-December, so the students with early start get to complete their studies and preparations by the time. An early start will give students a better capacity to grasp the syllabus and sustainability. Students get more and sufficient time to learn and practice all the required material in the lump-sum period. For a student, an early start is a boon for success.

• Understanding the syllabus

Students need to understand the given syllabus by the government. Students always tend to make mistakes in completely understanding the basics and then regret it later on. Understanding the basics of the exam is very important, giving a few minutes of your time in this will make things clear and simple to understand.

• Taking down notes

One of the many methods of balanced preparation is jotting down the important points. These points or notes will be mostly to be asked in the exam. Students can prepare their own set of important notes or can search for them on the internet. There are a number of sites that provide simple yet effective notes for the student to score higher.

• Practice

As the saying goes, ”Practice makes a man perfect” it is very essential to keep on practising. Students usually don’t tend to study till the very last month or two for the examination, this can make them lose their progress and make them stressed for the last moment preparation. Practising daily or regularly will make them memorize the points till the day of the exam. This will sharpen their academic skills and build long-lasting memories.

• Solve the last 5 years paper

Olympiad exams papers are usually prepared by allocating the questions from previous papers. Usually, the questions are repeated but are altered to make them slightly different from the previous ones. So, solving previous question papers will give students a brief idea of what could be asked in the Olympiads.

• Completing/solving worksheets

Another method of preparation is solving worksheets of every subject. Students can purchase these worksheets/workbooks and go through them, solving the asked questions which will give them an idea of solving as well as have them revise the learnt material.

• Plan every day effectively

Planning these months of 10th class is very essential. Students need to make every day of their academic year effective and worthy of bringing success into their hands. Planning and scheduling daily will make them organized and will be helpful in completing the syllabus on time. These few months of the class have to be at their utmost par. Giving each subject an hour and a half is more than enough for grasping every given subject. Have a few intervals in between them to make yourself refreshed and to not exhaust yourself in the process.

These are some of the really easy and yet effective methods that will help you, students, to make your math Olympiads easy and help in achieving success.

You can refer to IMO Sample Papers for Class 10.


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