5 Important Tips to Follow to Score Merit Rank in Class 8 Olympiad


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Olympiads are one of the most sought exams at the school level. And being under merit in an Olympiad is a certification to your skills. So to achieve this

5 Important Tips to Follow to Score Merit Rank in Class 8 Olympiad

Tips to follow to score merit Olympiad Exams?

While candidates are studying for the most crucial tests and completing the curriculum, they must use their time wisely. The Olympiad, which is held at both the national and international levels, is one such test. The authorities hold Olympiad tests at the school level to measure students’ capacity to compete in today’s world.

Begin from the earliest

Students studying for Olympiad examinations should begin sooner so that they have more time to review. One cannot complete the full section the day before the exam. As a result, the student must complete the entire course a few weeks before the Olympiad exam. Also, set aside some time to rewrite the section.

Follow the Olympiad Exam Syllabus

Before beginning Olympiad test preparation, students should review the curriculum and exam format. The Olympiad test is held for six distinct topics by the authorities. As a result, students must consult the syllabus for the appropriate course. The official Olympiad exam syllabus is published on the official website. All topics have a curriculum for grades I through XII. Students will gain an understanding of the test paper by referring to the exam pattern. School pupils who want to take and pass the Olympiad test can find the subjects here.

Each day should be planned out

Students must be prepared and devise a study strategy for the section. Create a timetable and split each topic evenly. It is critical to plan how many days students have to complete their curriculum. Also, keep the previous month for revision. After finishing a topic, always give them a quick test to see how much they recalled. This will assist pupils in determining which sections need to be revised again.

Students must begin studying after creating a schedule. They must take quick notes to assist them to remember the subject. After finishing any topic, highlight all of the troublesome aspects and reread them to ensure a thorough understanding. Prepare a plan that can be employed at the last minute after finishing the full portion.

Do Not Be Afraid to Seek Assistance

Students may struggle to grasp a single piece or topic at times. In such a case, do not be afraid to seek assistance from a teacher, mentor, or tutor. They will rapidly and efficiently make them comprehend the subject. Students might also seek assistance from family members or friends.

Time Management for Each Topic

Time management is essential when studying for the Olympiad test. Students are instructed to make the most of every second. The right allocation of time among all subjects/topics would aid in covering the complete curriculum. Work on the weakest areas. Aside from that, the student’s timetable should include last-minute preparation to prevent missing anything before the Olympiad test.

Gather all of the Required Resources

By now, the students should have a good concept of the sorts of questions and the general pattern of questions asked in the Olympiad examination. Obtaining adequate study material to study is thus a duty. Without a question, both paperback volumes provide a wealth of information (in the offline and online mode). Students can use internet movies to aid them. Class 6 IMO Question Paper 2016

Students can begin their preparation with any of their available study materials. Only relevant material, however, can lead to success in the Olympiad exam.

So, how should one go about selecting study materials for the Olympiad exam?

Students can use the following criteria to select the ideal study material:

Always pick study materials that provide a thorough description of all topics in an easy-to-understand manner.

Always prioritize quality above quantity. A study material may have fewer pages, but it may include the greatest strategies for answering problems.

Sample Tests for Practice

Sample papers are usually recommended by professionals since they are meant to offer a reasonable indication of the test difficulty level, the type of questions, the exam style, and the time limit. Students will benefit from familiarizing themselves with the example questions.

Sample papers also helped pupils feel more confident about the test day. Make an effort to complete the Olympiad sample papers on time. It is advised to go over past years’ papers or solve some example papers. Furthermore, students may use Embibe to get free test papers for Olympiad exam preparation.

Take Mock Exams

Students can improve their accuracy and speed by taking a sample exam for the Olympiad exam. Mock tests are the most effective way to prepare for the Olympiad exam.

Students must take as many mock tests as feasible after finishing the entire section. Taking one mock exam every day will benefit pupils in a variety of ways, including increased problem-solving efficiency, lower mistake rates, and so on.

Utilizing the Internet

Why not use the Internet when there are so many online resources available? Students might begin by completing practice examinations and difficult Mathematics questions. If any student is accessing the internet, keep distractions to a minimum.

Keep Up to Date and Informed

Students taking Olympiad examinations must be up to speed on current events throughout the world. Aside from reviewing the material, solve problems to encourage pupils to think beyond the box. Improve and expand your vocabulary, and acquire new scientific facts. The Olympiad test is used to examine students’ understanding of General Knowledge, English, Computer, and Science.

Keep revising some more

Revision is an important aspect of any exam preparation approach. Revision is the same for everyone because the pupils may have learned a lot throughout the preparation phase. At this point, the quick notes they created will save them at each step. All significant topics must be reviewed at least twice by the pupils. Many top Olympiad exam scorers have indicated that they used to set aside a month only for revision.


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