Here’s How to Upgrade the Content Marketing for your Business in 2020?


Content marketing is getting powerful day by day. With a range of brands coming up in the competition, it has become difficult to get a win over them. If you choose to stay with the normal content marketing strategies then your competitors are going to replace you anytime soon.

Heres How to Upgrade the Content Marketing for your Business in 2020

In 2020, not only the website trends have evolved but also the marketing strategies especially when it comes to content. So, if you’re still keeping the two years old content on your website and thinking that it will gain results then it’s high time you should upgrade your content marketing strategies.

If you don’t know how then this blog will be of great help.

1. Interactive Content

In between the race of the brands, why would a customer choose you?

One cannot neglect the importance of valuable content. A content that talks to the users are of more value than the one which is only written to fill the spaces. So, while working on the content strategies make sure that it’s interactive and potent to draw engagement for your business.

Interactive content can be a blog, how-to guide, meme or a quiz so you have to find out which type of content works well with your audience. Before making your content live, think thrice about how will it work with the audience and then head with the process.

2. Go with Infographics

Although blogs are the powerful medium to generate traffic on your website and social mediums you can repurpose your blogs in different ways possible such infographics, stats and social media posts

If you have a blog section on your website then you must be having long-detailed blogs and the blogs that get old can be repurposed for infographics such as taking the summary of the blog and using it in the infographics.

You can use this information with creative visuals and making a first good impression with the context.

3. Make People Reach your Lead Magnet through Quizzes

Most of the businesses have that one lead magnet through which they can attract the customers to their business. That one lead magnet can be an eBook, course, spreadsheet or a certification program.

So, you can attract people to your lead magnet through email, website content and even social media. You can also use quizzes to take customers’ emails and then later used for content marketing. It’s an effective strategy to follow in 2020 that will draw the conversion ratio. You can also use this strategy to nurture the leads for your New York web design agency.

4. Upgrade your Website Content

In 2020 the most important fact that you should know is that there are no options for long paragraphs and comprehensive. The content should be short, creative and compelling enough to grab the leads.

Use product features to highlight the key points about your business. You can also use a part of your website section to promote the app/product features.

5. Run a Contest

A tip to grow your online business or a website development agency is to run creative contest because it boosts the word of mouth advertising and engages followers on your digital channels.

Contests are also beneficial for your Instagram channels and Facebook as it incentivizes participants to take extra steps.


Know that in 2020 content marketing is going to reach the ladder. If you don’t work on creating effective strategies then your competitors might hook you out. The tips mentioned above will help you to scale your content marketing strategies.

Gone are the days when content was limited to the website only. Now you have to consider your social channels and think of the ways to attract potential clients to your business.

After implementing the strategies you can learn from the results and test which one works best for your business. Learning from the results you can expand your strategies and go beyond the medium.


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