Moving into a House Together: Tips for Couples


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So, you’ve reached the stage in your relationship where you want to make the jump and move in together? That’s great. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been seeing each other for six months or a couple of years, you’ll more than likely have a wonderful time. However, moving in together for the first time requires a lot of careful thought and planning; from what furniture you’re going to include to where your personal items will be stored.

Moving into a House Together: Tips for Couples

Check out these tips for couples if you want to make sure you enjoy your move-in experience.

Start with the attic

Rather than starting from the bottom, you should start with organizing the top of your house – specifically, the attic.

The space in your attic is going to be incredibly useful for you both, as it can serve multiple purposes. For example, you could turn your attic into a games room while also using it as a storage area. Or, if you know you’ll be inviting your friends and family over to stay a lot, you could turn your attic into a spare bedroom for guests.

However, after moving in together, you might realize that your attic isn’t exactly in great condition. In fact, it might be a total mess.

So, before you can do anything with it, you’ll need to get some professional help. Visit to get in contact with the ultimate attic professionals. From insulating your attic to getting rid of any rodents, they can do all the hard work for you. Plus, you can have a free inspection!

Now, let’s move on to the next tip.

Delegate chores

One of the hardest parts about moving in with your new spouse is delegating chores. Make sure to do this prior to the move-in day to ensure there’s less chance of arguments and disagreements.

A lot of couples have weekly chore cycles (i.e., one person does all the chores one week, then the other person does them the week after). But for maximum efficiency and fairness, it’s recommended that you work as a team; from the laundry to washing the dishes.

Organize where specific furniture will go

You’ll no doubt be excited about buying fresh furniture for your house: but do you know where everything is going to go?

For example, there might not be space for that brand-new TV you’ve got your eyes on; or the giant sofa you’ve been dreaming of lounging on. Therefore, it’s a good idea to plan, plan, plan. When it comes to furniture, you can’t take risks, so make sure to only buy individual pieces that you know are suitable.

Give each other space

Moving in together is a big step to take, and it will likely take you a little time to adjust.

It’s recommended that you try to give each other as much space as possible. For example, if one of you is not in the mood to talk, make sure to communicate this and let them know that you want to be left alone for the evening. Otherwise, you’re going to have a ton of arguments – and no couple wants that.

Allow each other to have luxury items

Lastly, make sure to allow each other to have luxury items. You might hate your spouse’s games console, and they might really dislike your music speakers, but it’s important to compromise with each other so that you stay happy. By banning personal items that you find annoying, it will likely lead to conflicts further down the line.


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