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Many companies are looking for employees on the highest posts but cannot hire on their own. The executive search agencies fill the vacancies of top managers in the largest companies. This is an exclusive and expensive service; each search is unique in its way and is carried out only on a prepaid basis. But Executive search firms capable of solving the most difficult and unexpected tasks in recruiting high-class skill workers. The recruiting agency team seeks to minimize your time and financial costs for the search for executive selection.

Functions Of Executive Search Firms

The principle of the complete confidentiality of relations, adopted by the Executive Search Firms, allows you to solve many delicate issues without publicity in the labor market and receive a lot of interesting and useful information.

Executive search firms have an extensive database of successful employees’ resumes, allowing us to select top workers in any field promptly. The firm guarantees the accuracy of selection and a result that meets all the requirements.

But how exactly does Executive Search work?

After an agreement with the customer, specialists begin an in-depth Executive Search. You need to work directly with many candidates after evaluating the resume. A variety of methods are used to conduct Executive Search, ranging from viewing resumes left for narrow professional groups to collecting information on prospective candidates. This top executive search job is done only by experienced individuals who must be very persistent under some circumstances and flexible under others. It is especially important when the Executive Search is carried out with already working candidates who will not change their place of work. In this case, the recruiter must become an ally of the candidate, be very convincing.

Need for Executive search

  • It is necessary to search and select top managers among the best candidates in the market;
  • When looking for rare specialists;
  • When starting the start-up program;
  • If necessary, search for a manager ;
  • When the market for candidates with the necessary requirements is simply exhausted.
  • If necessary, the selection of top-level personnel who can lead the company to the market leader;
  • Executive Search is also carried out when the required specialist already works in a competing company but will not change jobs. In this case, the agency’s Executive Search specialists begin a thoroughly planned work coordinated with the customer to attract the specialist of interest to him.

With the help of Executive Search agencies, it is possible to effectively conduct various marketing research and organize the work of an intermediary who will represent the customer’s interests in selecting managers and other top personnel. Executive search firms offer full confidentiality of the search for a manager, manager, and other top managers.

What is the difference between headhunting and executive search?

Headhunting is needed when a company is interested in a particular person and even calls his/her last name and initials.

Executive search is a broad search from a list of companies in which successful candidates interesting to the client can work.

In the course of work with the Executive Search firm, the client receives the following benefits:

  • The possibility of a prompt, optimal solution to the problem of finding top personnel;
  • Analysis of all provided documents;
  • Work with LongList that is, a list of all candidates who are currently working for competing companies. Executive Search recruitment agencies have the complete lists of employed candidates in which the customer may be interested, but who will not change jobs. The selection of leaders, in this case, can be difficult but still real;
  • Working with ShortList, i.e., with a list of candidates, including those candidates who work for competing companies but are ready to change their place. In this case, the selection of managers and top personnel is a little easier.

Executive Search agency includes only the most experienced and best specialists and consultants, who have almost 100% closed Executive Search projects for executive search. For the client, they offer only the best and most effective solutions. While searching for managers and other specialists, they assess the situation within the customer’s company.

Bottom Line

So, if you want an executive or top management for your company, you must take the help of the agencies that are specialized in this field. It will save your efforts, time, and money, and you will get the candidate of your choice.


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