Ballet and Modern Dance: Using Ballet as the Basis for Other Dance Techniques


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There are various dance styles today from all over the world. Dance showcases our culture, beliefs, and values. Dancing is an excellent way of expressing ourselves, and it’s the one language people understand without words. For instance, many visitors flock in the UAE to admire the culture and traditional dances. It takes several practices to master dancing techniques like a pro. Dancing is not only a form of exercise, but it also relaxes the mind and body.

Ballet and Modern Dance - Using Ballet as the Basis for Other Dance Techniques

Types of Dances

You will meet various dances as you travel throughout the world. Below are some of the most popular dances:

Ballroom Dances

These dances started in Italy during the early stages of the Renaissance. This dance was adopted in Europe, America, and all over the world. These dances include tango, cha-cha-cha, Viennese waltz, waltz, samba, and rumba.

African-American and Traditional Jazz

Examples of African-American and traditional jazz dances are Charleston, which is popular and was popularized by The Charleston tune. Tap dance was famous in the 1920s in the United States. Moonwalk is also popular, and it creates the illusion of walking backwards. Michael Jackson, the king of pop, was the first person to perform this dance. Ever since then, this dance has gained popularity all over the world.

Worldwide Dances

Worldwide dances such as Salsa are not only popular in Latin America, but they are is also gaining track in other countries. Salsa includes innovative movements and choreography that was inspired by Mambo, Rumba, and Changunyi.

Argentine tango is one of the types of tango dance. This dance tries to preserve the originality of tango. Folk dance, on the other hand, is a representation of cultural heritage and the lives of traditional communities.

Using Ballet as a Basis for Other Dance Techniques

Using Ballet as a Basis for Other Dance Techniques

There are many dances today, like hip-hop and jazz, but whatever dance you prefer, you can always learn something from ballet. Here’s how you can do this:


Ballet can be referred to as the foundation of all dance styles. Most Western dancing techniques today can be traced to ballet and its principles. Ballet has been influential in all dances today, even new dance styles.

Most dance techniques with the exception of a few are created from ballet French terminologies. For instance, most music schools Dubai dance classes utilize different terminologies like tendu and plié. They also borrow certain ballet moves like basic foot positions.

The easiest way to learn other dances is by attending a ballet dancing class and mastering basic moves. Also, other dance techniques use codes for their styles; this makes learning the differences and references necessary.

As you continue learning more about different techniques, you will realize that all your classes begin with tendues and plies as warm-ups. Modern and popular dances, such as jazz, borrow several terms like battements and pirouettes to describe high kicks or turns. However, don’t confuse the moves because they might differ.


Your dance classes might be tough, allowing you no time for more classes. However, taking ballet gives you a good foundation for all your dance techniques. This is because ballet encourages form, lightness, and extension of the body. This helps you to do the same for all your dance classes, which makes it easy to master new moves. This is useful, especially for jazz dance and Graham Technique.

Although other types of dances such as hip-hop require you to forget about ballet moves, knowing these diverse techniques makes you a versatile dancer. If you take ballet classes, you will realize that it is a structural technique that has a general class outline and form. While performing ballet, you do every exercise on both the right and left side. This also happens for the rest of your classes.

Other techniques might require less time to balance both sides of your body because more time is spent on center coordination. However, you ought to understand that balancing both sides of your body is essential in your dance career. Ballet helps you to become flexible, learn to balance your body, and build strength. When you practice to become more flexible, you are able to adopt any choreography effortlessly.

Ballet dancing also improves your musicality skills as a dancer. Musicality is the ability to be aware of the music and rhythm as you dance. This is more than just following the beat; musicality focuses on how to dance to music accordingly through various movements. It also your sense of tempo and helps you a variety of dances.

Taking ballet classes at least twice a week will help you to master how to move smoothly while performing other dances. Ballet is the foundation of most dance techniques, and they borrow some moves and terminologies. Ballet also helps you to become more flexible, and it also enhances your sense of tempo.


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