Embracing Harmony a Guide to Divorce Mediation


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Family Dispute Resolution (FDR) is a useful way to settle disagreements without having to go to court, which can be stressful and cost a lot of money. FDR is a type of mediation where you and the other person are both present. It can cover issues like child custody and property.

embracing harmony a guide to divorce mediation

Couples and families are supported by family mediation Brisbane for seeking an environment to discuss parenting arrangements and financial settlements. We know how hard it is to see a deep connection turn into a mountain of paperwork and court dates about how to split up assets and choose who will care for your kids.

Offers from Stewart Family Law:

  • You can choose between face-to-face, bus mediation, phone, and online mediation.
  • Mediators who are neutral and don’t give legal advice.
  • Mediations that deal with things like child care, talking to each other, dividing property, and more.
  • Settlement services with a lawyer.
  • Mediation that includes children and can include the advice of a child psychologist!
  • Family law specialists and people who are trained as mediators in family disputes.

Getting rid of family arguments and mediating family disputes:

Family Dispute Resolution (FDR) is a good way to work through problems after a relationship ends. It provides a safe space for couples going through a split or divorce. Instead of going to court and dealing with the stress and uncertainty that comes with it, qualified Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners help couples keep their relationships by working out issues like child support, parenting, property, and financial agreements.
Instead of going to court, FDR gives a more respectful, private, and inexpensive way to come to an agreement. Court decisions can be final and upsetting, which can affect both parents and children. FDR, on the other hand, Stewart family law in George Street Brisbane can improve conversation and make parenting plans stronger, which can help people make clear, sound decisions that, can lead to solutions that work for everyone.

Is Family Dispute Resolution or Mediation Services Required?

No, it’s not. But if you or your ex-partner is going through the legal system to settle money issues, divide assets, or make parenting plans, it’s a great place to start and usually leads to a good ending.

If you or the other person wants to start a parenting case in the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia, you will probably need a s60I certificate from a Registered Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner. This will show that you tried family dispute resolution (FDR).

Is it private to settle family disputes and go to mediation?

Anything said or done in the FDR or settlement is private and can’t be used in court or shared without both sides agreeing, except for the following:

  • To keep a child safe;
  • To keep someone safe from harm;
  • To keep things from getting damaged or
  • In order to follow Common wealth or State Law.

Mediation Costs:

Our fees for family law settlement are very low compared to other firms.

  • Instead of a daily fee that isn’t used, charging by the hour.
  • There are no withdrawal or minimum fee fees.
  • Giving free mediation rooms to people who need them


Divorce mediation is different from other methods because it encourages peaceful talks led by a third party. Instead of going to court and fighting, mediation encourages open communication, teamwork, and mutual agreement. This gives couples more control over the result and often cuts down on time and costs.


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