Business Negligence that Can Result In Falls


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A lot of injuries can result from a fall. Fall injuries increase in bad weather due to walkways getting slippery from ice or water. If you fall at a business, you can seek compensation for your injuries.

All property owners or managers have a responsibility to keep their property maintained and safe for visitors. In winter, they are responsible for shoveling and salting walkways. Owners are responsible for falls on their property due to negligence. Call an attorney in Roseville, CA if you have been injured in a fall on a private property.

Business Negligence that Can Result In Falls

Here are a few causes of falls due to negligence.


All public areas have to be properly lit. If you fell because the area was dark and you couldn’t see where you were going, you can seek compensation for those injuries. All areas that are well travelled have to be well-lit so that visitors can safely move around. If you fell in a poorly lit area, contact a lawyer in Roseville, CA to file a claim.


Many people fall going up or down stairs. Sometimes, the business owner is responsible for these falls. Owners are responsible for keeping stairs properly maintained. Any broken steps, handrails, or forgotten objects are due to negligence. If the stairs were the reason for your fall, you can seek compensation.

Hazardous Conditions

Property owners are responsible for keeping walkways and staircases safe, especially during bad weather conditions. Sidewalks must be cleared of snow and ice and floors must be kept dry or have signs warning visitors. People expect a certain level of safety when they visit businesses.

Regardless of why you fell, you have a right to seek compensation. Any negligence from the owner makes them liable for your injuries. Roseville attorneys can help you make a claim and prove negligence.


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