Benefits of Doing Business in Azerbaijan


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Azerbaijan has been experiencing impressive economic growth since its independence. This is why the Azerbaijan government encourages & welcomes foreign investments. So the foreign investors find themselves in a friendly & hospitable environment for starting their business. The country has huge oil and gas reserves and this becomes a major reason for the foreign people to find work in Azerbaijan. A visa to Azerbaijan is highly recommendable and also very beneficial because of its less restrictions for Azerbaijani visa. Because of less visa restrictions traveling to Azerbaijan becomes much easier.

Benefits of Doing Business in Azerbaijan

Insights that You Must Know Before Starting Business:

Below are a few facts that you need to know before setting up your business at Azerbaijan.

Business Hours:

When it comes to business hours, you will be happy to know that their usual business hours are 9 am to 5 pm from Monday to Friday. It might be 10 am to 6 pm, depending on the nature of the work. A few government offices are also open on Sundays, which is a beneficial thing for you. This means that you can do your business for a whole week. If you’re planning for your business, you can apply for an electronic visa Azerbaijan. This type of Azerbaijani visa is easy to obtain for people traveling for business purposes.

Gender Equality:

There is no doubt that Azerbaijan practices gender equality, but a few women still work in high-level corporate positions. You can say that this country still remains traditional in terms of gender roles. But if you are a woman and want to start to do business in Azerbaijan, then don’t worry. Azeri government is ready to welcome you. All you need is to travel to Azerbaijan by having an Azerbaijani visa.

Business Language:

The business language in Azerbaijan is the Azeri language. Since the Russian language is widely spoken, English can also be used for business, but this isn’t considered a common language.

Business Culture in Azerbaijan:

Azerbaijan is said to be a hierarchical society and it has an important status. Decision regarding the business is a time-consuming affair, so you need to learn patience when you’re doing business.


No doubt building a healthy relationship is one of the essential things that is very important for doing business in Azerbaijan. The Azerbaijan government also welcomes the people that are known well & trusted for business. This would also be a reason for the easy Azerbaijani visa by the Azeri government. Good & healthy business relations are important because most of the business dealings are done through personal recommendations. Visa for Azerbaijan for people having good relations with local businessmen are easy because of their high recommendations regarding business.


With the passage of time English is also becoming common for business. But the two major languages that are used for the business are Russian and Azeri. Those who want to do business must have to learn some key basics of these languages for setting up their business. In addition, if you don’t know how to speak these languages, then it’s a must to have an interpreter when you conduct business related meetings in Azerbaijan. This option will help you a lot for frequent business dealings. There are many people who want to know “is it safe to travel to Azerbaijan” due to the pandemic situation. The answer for it is simply yes, you doing business in Azerbaijan is safe as the government takes precautionary measures. The Azerbaijani visa application process is easy, and you can apply for it from the comfort of your bed.

What are the Main Business Advantages in Azerbaijan?

Before moving towards providing you with some ideas regarding business opportunities in Azerbaijan, let us talk about some insights about export & import. It is always recommended for daily business operations, and this is why passive investment in Azerbaijan is taken as a different topic. And it requires shares purchasing and obtaining the interest from it. A fact that needs to be clear is that the companies in Baku are the main element & the criteria are annual net profit and the ROI over the shares in the passive investments.

It is a must to know that an incentive by the Azeri government awards small & medium business sectors. The businesses can enjoy different tax exemptions along with a low tax rate of 2 percent. That makes sense to grab the attention of the businessmen to travel to Azerbaijan using an Azerbaijan visa for business. Doing business is a great opportunity for the Azerbaijan free visa countries to generate high revenues.


In part, organizations offer help to the administrations of the organizations. It includes office organizations, security administrations, cleaning, removal of garbage, employing & setting of staff, and travel plans. Manpower group, waste management, Randstad, Thomas cook, automated data, and significant organizations incorporating Allegis group are some other examples of it.

Growth potential

According to the world bank, the economy of Azerbaijan grew by 2.2 percent in the year 2019 before the pandemic situation. The overall GDP was estimated to be £46.94 billion in 2018. Because of it, many people apply for the Azerbaijani visa to start their business and make a high profit from it. But the coronavirus badly impacted its economy, just like the other world economies of the world. However, Azerbaijan’s oil and gas resources might boost the economy of Azerbaijan. After some time, things will get better due to its oil and gas resources.

UK and Azerbaijan Trade:

The total trade of goods and services was about £1.1 billion in 2019 between the United Kingdom and Azerbaijan. And this is now increasing by the percentage of 3.5 years on year. Services, technologies, engineering equipment, and oil machinery are some of its main exports from the UK. People from all over the world travel to Azerbaijan via Azerbaijani visa because of the increasing import and export business.

Final Words:

Well! Azerbaijan is an incredible place for people to do business. The Azeri government offers many business opportunities to the locals as well as the foreign investors to make the value of their money and country in the world. With the increasing benefits of business in Azerbaijan, many international business companies are starting their business in Azerbaijan as it has a high growth percentage. But all you need is to enter Azerbaijan via a legal way, which is to obtain an Azerbaijan visa.


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