How Long Will My Pool Take To Construct?


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The duration it takes to complete a pool construction project depends on the type of pool and some logistics, such as the cost and the site’s terrain. How long does the pool construction process take?

That is the complex question that this guide seeks to answer by analysing what it involves to carry out a pool construction project. Below are the guidelines on how long it takes to build a pool.

Preparation For The Construction

Well before the actual construction starts, it is prudent to thoroughly research the types and designs of pools. A pool is an expensive and long-term investment, and any future modifications are not cheap either. Work with a reputable engineer and contractor to find the most desirable option considering taste, lifestyle, and budget preferences.

In selecting a pool builder, a reputable one should have a display centre that showcases past projects. Perform due diligence by sifting the internet and looking for past customers to establish the contractor’s work ethic, skill, and reliability.

Further consultations should reveal the willingness and ability of the builder to customise an individual pool to include distinct features and preferences such as sanitation, heating, and lighting. Find out if the builder has a pool maintenance package for clients.

After finding a suitable contractor and signing a formal agreement, the SPASA contract, on the project, the contractor applies for the mandatory pool building permit. The client pays a deposit before the application for the permit.

The architectural or engineering drawings for the pool accompany the application. A surveyor should approve them first. This phase of the permit application and processing takes a month or even longer if the regulator requires submitting more data or permits for the project.

Four to six weeks after the approvals, the pool groundbreaking occurs. The starting date comes this late because the contractor must get an Asset Protection Permit and then hire other licensed professionals such as a plumber, landscaper, and electrician as the construction crew.

How Pool Type Affects Completion Time

Of the types of pools available, a concrete in-ground pool takes the longest, even up to four months, to complete construction. After completion of the actual pool, landscaping or poolscaping could take another 2 to 4 weeks.

In-ground pools of whichever type take a shorter construction time than aboveground ones due to the added initial step of digging up the ground for the inground.

Completing fibreglass and a pre-engineered pool can take as little as a week or less. That’s because the construction requires the installation of pre-fabricated panels. The construction period depends on the size of the construction area and the pool, the weather, and the complexity of the design.

Other Factors to Keep in Perspective

Beyond the standard timelines a diligent contractor observes to complete the project within schedule, some factors are out of the contractor’s control.

The weather is a great challenge that causes delays, so it is wise to book the contractor to do the work in a clear weather season like summer. Bad weather can hamper some construction phases, especially concrete pools.

Unfortunately, many people have pending bookings simultaneously, which could delay the construction of your pool if you do not sign the construction agreement early enough.

Delays can also arise if you fail to make timely payments as expected in the contract. If the intended location of the pool has challenging terrain, such as a slope or soggy soil, it could extend the construction time because of the ground preparation process.

Final Thoughts

A pool construction project is elaborate, expensive, and potentially time-consuming. It is wise to start it as soon as possible to fast-track its completion.


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