Amazing Things to Do In London This Weekend


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London is a very incredible city. When you visit this beautiful city, there are a lot of things that you can do even during the weekends. After all, when you visit, you want to maximally use the most of your time touring the city as much as possible.

Amazing Things to Do In London This Weekend

The good thing about this city is that it is ever-changing. For instance, cool sporting events, new pop-ups, and even new restaurants. Although this list of new evolvements is much, it makes it hard to determine what you can do this weekend.

That is why I have a list of the things that you can do this weekend in London and San Diego. I hope this will take your fancy.

Go hiking

One of the things to do in San Diego during this weekend is to increase at Balboa Park. The place has miles of green beauty where you can walk through the cactus garden where you can feel like you’re on the mountain rather than a smack dab.

Explore Shoreditch

When exploring the city, there are lots of things to do this weekend in London. You can choose to pop into the rooftop pillow cinema where you can watch some classic films. Always check out made in Shoreditch to acquaint yourself with the best events happening each weekend.

And if you want an ultimate experience in San Diego, Manchester Grand Hyatt has it all for you. You can go to the fourth-floor rooftop theatre where you can get luxe movie experience with the panoramic view of the San Diego town. Here there are comfy deck chairs, movie themed cocktails, craft brews, upscale eats, and the state of the art Bluetooth headphone.

Sunbathe or go surfing

If you are a beachgoer, then San Diego has plenty of shorelines stretches to give you maximum satisfaction. You can choose to hit up the Coronado Beach or the windage beach. These places have the iconic, red-roofed beachfront hotel and Cliffside mansions with rocky shores. We have plenty of options for you.

Gorge at the Market

One of the things to do in London this weekend is to visit the Victorian Hall. The hall has many small shops and eating points where you can enjoy it. This is one great place where you can have a better view of London city when you get to the top of the monument.

Discover Greenwich

The green, which is more than an Arena and worth your time and money during the Sunday afternoons. While strolling around, ensure that you pay a visit to the Royal Navy College and also explore the Cutty, Sark. Walkthrough the Greenwich market and dine at one of the food stalls.

Plod along the streets of Southwark

The south walks stretches from the River Thames banks, and here there is always something to enjoy. You can head to the National Theatre and the Southbank centre for shows and exhibitions. More so, you can visit the Bermondsey street the best place to whisk always on Saturdays in the city You can visit the glassblowing to try the art itself

Explore Covent Garden

Are you bored this weekend and wonder what to do. You walk over into some of the neighbourhood’s best haunts. You can enjoy French-inspired cuisine. You can then walk through the old market and visit the Moomin store where you can grab a cocktail while chilling out and watching performances that has new shows each weekend.

Stroll the Museums

One of the best things to do in London this weekend is visiting the Museums. Here our museums are free where you can walk around and wonder at the impressive collections. If you love visiting Museums, you can visit the Natural History Museum, or the incredible Museum and enjoy yourself.

Find some secret spot

The city of London has many crannies and nooks that need exploring. Even for the Londoners themselves, it is possible to overlook some of the hidden spots. On weekends you can choose to stroll around the gardens, caves and to find a place where you can have time with yourself.


London and San Diego are major cities. It’s not biasness, but the fact is that the cities are just amazing. We have the heap of the best neighbourhood that I am sure you can love exploring. With history, culture, and diversity, there is a reason you will find the best place and things to do in London this weekend.


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