8 Reasons Why you Need a Wedding Planner


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Planning your wedding is huge. It is one of the most important days of your life and you want it to be perfect. Confetti Balloons Sydney knows what a wedding planner brings to the occasion and understands how important that is.

There is so much to think about and decide upon, and most of your family and friends have ideas and opinions on how your day should unfold! This can be overwhelming, which is why many people these days employ a Wedding Planner for the big day.

8 Reasons Why you Need a Wedding Planner

To help you make the decision about employing a Wedding Planner for your wedding Confetti Balloons Sydney has come up with 8 reasons why you need a wedding planner to make your wedding the truly special day that you want.

1. Your Budget and Special Requirements

A wedding planner will work with you to establish a workable plan based around your budget and desired theme for your wedding.

Depending upon where you are planning to have your wedding, and/or if you have any special requirements, the wedding planner can assist with any legal requirements, that you may not have been aware of, which may arise The Wedding Planner will navigate the path, and smooth the way. He/she can also suggest different event venues as per your requirements.

2. A Wedding Planner saves you Money

Wedding Planners are experienced with the process and all the requirements for planning a wedding. There is so much to think about, decide upon and book in advance that it can be overwhelming.

Finding the right wedding planner can smooth the process and save you time and money. They are experts at planning weddings, and have numerous contacts within the wedding industry to help you to make the important choices that fit within your budget.

3. A Wedding Planner saves precious time

The direct connection of a Wedding Planner to the Wedding Industry will save an enormous amount of time that you may spend looking for the ‘right’ everything! They can put you directly in touch with all that you will need for your big day, so that you can make your selection of venue, cake, catering, decorations, etc. from their vast knowledge and resources available to them.

Getting quotes for places and things on which may be beyond your reach which can waste an enormous amount of time. Working with you, the Wedding Planner can guide you directly to everything you need which will fit within your budget,

4. You get access to venues and discounts

Professional event planner Seattle have access to venues, caterers, and accessories as part of their everyday work process. This means that they are at the cutting edge of what is happening in the wedding industry. This insider knowledge gives wedding planners access to discounts and special deals which are not available to couples who are doing it on their own.

5. A Wedding Planner reduces Stress

It is a full time job when planning for your big day, and as most people have a full time job, it can take many hours navigating your way through venues, dresses, catering etc. which can lead to a huge waste of time, and changes can cost you money.

Part of a Wedding Planner’s job is to reduce the stress and exhaustion that planning a wedding can produce. It is a collaborative arrangement allowing you to enjoy the process, knowing that it is all under control and that you know what is happening with your preparations every step of the way.

6. Your Vision stays on track

The expertise of a Wedding Planner helps you to keep control and perspective when planning your wedding.

You have a vision for your wedding and how it will eventuate. Your wedding planner works with you to make that vision a reality. The wedding planner is aware of, and looks after, all the finer details to create the theme and atmosphere that you want.

7. An Impartial View is Important

Weddings often become fraught with emotion which can cloud your judgement and distract you from the things that are important.

A wedding planner has an impartial view, while having your best interests at heart. They are working for you to ensure that your day unfolds as you would like it. While a Wedding Planner is not a counsellor, their troubleshooting ability helps to retain a proper perspective and can clarify any discrepancies or aggravation that may occur.

8. A Perfectly Organized Wedding Day

Professional planning for your wedding means that you can leave the organizational details to your wedding planner on the big day. Your Wedding Planner can organize the arrival of the first guests through to the cleaning up after the reception, and everything in between, as required.

This is especially important if the ceremony and reception are at different places. The wedding planner can arrange transport if necessary and coordinate the timing for photographs, transport and arrival at the reception venue so that it will all run according to schedule. You will be able to enjoy your wedding without having to worry.


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