The Best Payment Methods When Travelling Internationally


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The convenience of parting with our hard-earned cash has increased dramatically due to technological developments. Among the amenities we use frequently are online shopping, credit and debit cards, and electronic wallets. However, we still may need help exchanging our currency or locating a reputable currency exchange office when travelling abroad.

This post has compiled a list of the top places to spend your money abroad to ensure you can make purchases on your trip easily. Check out the best payment methods when travelling internationally.

• Credit And Debit Cards

You can shop worry-free with a significant bank if you have one of their credit or debit cards. These cards are the most convenient form of payment while travelling because they can be used practically any place major credit cards are accepted.

With any of the cards, you can get cash from any ATM worldwide if it accepts MasterCard or Visa. The bank will charge you a fee whenever you make a cash withdrawal. This cost averages 3-4% of the total amount withdrawn. Using a credit or debit card comes with one major drawback – these companies charge interest on unpaid balances.

• Cash

When making purchases abroad, nothing beats having physical cash on hand. It is recommended to bring some money with you on your trip to control your spending and budget. In addition, having cash on hand makes it simple to use any mode of transportation, such as purchasing a train ticket. Cash on hand is a simple strategy to avoid losing money to low exchange rates and currency conversion fees.

• Pay With A Cryptocurrency Debit Card

Retailers are increasingly accepting cryptocurrency payments. Crypto payment cards are being developed by several businesses to facilitate the exchange of fiat currency for cryptocurrency. Crypto payment cards’ primary advantage is that they incorporate numerous functions seen on traditional payment cards like credit and debit cards.
Additionally, the transaction cost on most cards should be cheap. There are certain drawbacks to using crypto payment cards. Cryptocurrency volatility is the biggest drawback, as the value of cryptocurrencies might rapidly rise or fall.

• Cards For Prepaid Vacations

When travelling internationally, prepaid travel cards are another alternative for making purchases. You can load money onto the card to purchase or pay bills. These cards are accepted everywhere, from stores and restaurants to bars and ATMs. These cards have a predetermined expiration date and a predetermined balance. Fees for using a travel card are typically lower than those charged by banks or exchange bureaus while travelling abroad. Unlike other payment options, using a travel card to make a transaction has several protections.

• Travellers Cheques

If you prefer paper money, traveller’s cheques are an option for your next vacation. You can use traveller’s cheques in any nation and often get a higher conversion rate than at a bank or an exchange office. The most significant drawback of these checks is that the issuing bank or business charges a fee each time the check is cashed.

• Digital Wallets

Digital wallets like Android Pay, Samsung Pay and Apple Pay are convenient cash-carrying alternatives. For example, the exchange rate between Singapore dollars and the receiving currency is determined instantly.

However, digital wallets may not be generally accepted depending on your destination because they are still a relatively new technology.

• PayPal

PayPal’s ease of use has led to its widespread adoption. If your bank and PayPal accounts are linked, sending and receiving money is quick and easy. Remember that PayPal adds a small fee to each transaction, currently 3.9% plus EUR 0.30.

• Money Transfer Services

It is no longer necessary to physically visit a business to send money abroad. These days, setting up a remittance service account online or through a mobile app is simple, and the transfer can be finalised in a matter of minutes.

The precise sum you will need to pay may alter due to the ever-changing nature of the exchange rate. The most prudent action is to request a quote from a remittance service that offers a guaranteed exchange rate.


The thrill and adventure of international travel come at a price, however. Everything from getting there to having fun will cost money. These are the finest payment methods to save money while travelling abroad.


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