5 Reasons Why You Need To Hire A Dog Grooming Professional


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Just as you feel good when properly groomed, so do dogs, only that they may not be able to let us know exactly how they feel. Even so, it is easy to tell that a dog is well-groomed from its behavior and demeanor. Such dogs are always happy and playful. Before you go and buy German Shepherd puppy for sale, you need to understand that Grooming is essential in keeping dogs healthy and happy for longer lifespans. While most dog owners would want to personally groom their dogs, it is advisable to let a professional groomer do the job for the following reasons;

5 Reasons Why You Need To Hire A Dog Grooming Professional

Professional Groomers Can Detect Illnesses

As a dog owner, with no skills or knowledge on dog grooming, you may not immediately detect any changes or problems in the skin. A dog’s skin is sensitive, and any sign of a condition on the skin may point to some underlying health conditions. If left unattended, the same may give rise to other illnesses. A professional dog groomer will take their time to examine your dog’s skin conditions carefully and subsequently advise on solutions depending on what he/she picks up in the process. Some of the conditions that they can detect include rashes, bald patches, skin discoloration, lumps, and gum bleeding, among others.

Professional Dog Groomers Will Fish out Hidden Parasites

Experienced dog groomers have in-depth knowledge of a dog’s anatomy and can easily detect if a dog has parasites from the way they behave and try to scratch themselves using their paws. They know where to check for parasites such as ticks, fleas, mites and other parasites that may not be visible to a dog owner. It would be best if you protect your dog from parasites as some of them may cause skin irritation and other illnesses, causing your dog to be uncomfortable and in pain.

Assist With the Nail-Cutting Procedure

Nail-cutting is one of the most challenging tasks in grooming a dog that most owners struggle with. If not careful, you can end up cutting and causing injuries in the process. The nails are quite sensitive and need to be handled with care. The professionals know exactly how and where to cut in the claws. They also know how to keep the dogs calm and still to ensure that it ends well and as fast as possible before they run out of patience. It is advisable to have a professional groomer trim your dog’s nails at least once a month.

Help with Professional Hair Cuts

Professional dog groomers can tell if and when your dog needs a hair-cut. Breeds such as Bull Dogs, German Shepherds, Husky, and Poodle, among others have varied needs when it comes to hair trimming. They also know the correct length needed for your dog depending on the specific breed. While some breeds need hair-cuts every week, others may only need it once a month and others even after months. The professionals will also give critical advice, such as if your dog does not need a hair-cut. For example, bulldogs do not require hair-cuts as the same is unhealthy in their case. Additionally, from skills and experience, they know which specific hair-cuts/styles will leave your dog looking good and healthy.

Professional Groomers Understand Which Tools are Appropriate for Specific Fur Types

There are various tools such as the ones available on ‘Direct To Pet Online’ used in the process of grooming a dog such as combs, brushes etc. Many people do not understand that there are specific tools that are used in particular fur types while others are not suitable. Professional dog groomers know which tools to use on your dog depending on the fur type. It helps to decrease any discomfort in your dog during the procedure and ensure that the resulting look is desirable.

Professional dog groomers know exactly what to do when confronted with any situation pertaining to a dog’s physical appearance. They will not only make your dog physically appealing but also detect and address any skin-related illnesses or parasites, leaving your dog healthy and happy. They can even style your dog and make them stand out from the rest. It is also essential to hire professionals to help the dogs with massages done right for healthy and strong muscles and avoid cases of hurting or injuring your dog while trying to do the grooming yourself (without the right skills and knowledge.) So, the next time you search for puppy groomers near me, just remember all these points..)


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