Look For the Best Local Drywall Contractor


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When it is time to get the drywall in a home repaired, take on a major renovation or addition, or have a new home completed, it is important to choose the best local contractor for the job. Choosing the right contractor impacts the project outcome in major ways. The right contractor will have well-trained workers and the ability to schedule and complete the job quickly and properly.

Look For the Best Local Drywall Contractor

Why Choose a Local Contractor?

People in Edmonton have some good drywall contractors to choose from and some not-so-good ones. The trick is to be able to tell who is the right contractor for a particular job. Choosing a local contractor means they are close by and accountable for the job they do. Local workers can get to the job site quickly, and local companies need their reputation to be good with local people so their businesses can grow and thrive. They have a bigger stake in doing a good job for local homeowners.

Where to Look

Choosing a local drywall contractor can be as easy as asking friends and coworkers who they have used for drywall repair or installation and if they were happy with the results. There are online sights that list local contractors and rate them. This is a good place to look if a person does not know anyone who has had drywall work done recently. A homeowner can also ask at local lumber yards or building supply stores for recommendations.

Once the homeowner has a list of possible local drywall contractors, they should call each one to find out what their availability is and get a feeling for the type of work they specialize in. Next, ask for their qualifications and licensing proof. Make sure they are insured for your protection. Ask for references and a list of finished projects with satisfied customers.

Getting the Job Done

Once a contractor has been found, have them look at the job and provide a bid for the proposed work. Ask how long the job will take and what materials they will use. When will the job be scheduled? Who will haul away any debris generated by the work? Do they guarantee their work? It is always wise to get a signed contract listing all the details and costs of the job.

Once the job starts, stay out of the worker’s way as much as possible, but check on how the job is going periodically. A good contractor will keep the customer informed about the job’s progress. Inspect the finished job, and ask for imperfections to be fixed before the contractor leaves.

Why Not Drywall Yourself?

Some homeowners may want to save money by doing the drywall repairs or installation themselves. This is not a good idea unless the person has the training and experience needed to get the job done properly. Drywalling requires a certain skill set and the right equipment to do the work efficiently. Ending up with nice, smooth walls and ceilings is no accident. it takes a lot of practice and skill to install the wallboard and tape and plaster the seams. Leave this job to professionals.


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