Becoming Energy Efficient


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With a new year upon us, many are finding it more important than ever to conserve energy, whether your goal is to save money or protect the environment. This seems like it may be a challenging task at first. However, with new developing technology and a conscious effort, there are some simple ways to help conserve energy, as well as save some money along the way. Along with it, check out the different exciting plans of Amigo Energy and figure out what works best for you.

Becoming Energy Efficient

Unplug Anything Not In Use

If you take a look around your home, I am positive you will notice some appliances or cords that seem to always be plugged into the wall. Try to make an effort every day to unplug something that does not have an immediate use. It might be difficult at first, but once it has become a habit to only have objects plugged in that are actively being used, unplugging them when you are done will help to save energy as opposed to keeping them plugged in all day. It is very common to leave appliances plugged in such as toasters or cell phone chargers, but many of those appliances and plugs stay plugged in without being used. Using natural light whenever possible and turning off lights as you leave a room will also help.

Make The Switch

Some appliances that use the most energy are your washers, dryers, refrigerators, freezers, and air conditioning units. Switching over to the most energy efficient appliances can be a big help. This might mean replacing decade old appliances. In order to get the best energy use with these appliances, you can use these following tips. Wash your clothes with cold water, because using the hot water feature increases your electricity usage 75-90 percent. For your dryer, the easiest fix would be to use the energy efficient setting that uses less heat. Make sure your home is properly insulated while using the air conditioner and heater, as well as closing all windows and doors while in use.

Using a smart thermostat and keeping your home at 68 degrees in the winter and 78 degrees in the summer will help your electricity bill a great deal. Make sure you are regularly replacing your air filters on your heating and cooling systems for efficient operation. What will make the biggest impact is how well insulated your home is. This includes the walls as well as the seals on the windows.

Did you know that the old yellow looking bulbs use more energy than the new LED bulbs? Switching out old light bulbs will help your energy bill as well. If you have old appliances and are hoping to replace them but worried about your old wiring, Idaho Falls Electrician can help give you a safety check to ensure proper safety protocols are followed. This would be a great idea especially if your home is older and you are wanting to add the newest appliances.

Create New Habits

New habits are difficult to develop, but that is what new years are for! Some new habits that could help your pocket book and help you become more efficient are: swap out old light bulbs for new LED ones, wear more layers of clothing inside (or less), reduce appliance use, wash larger loads of laundry less often and simply unplugging and switching electronics off while not in use.


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