5 Practical Ways to Improve Your Google Ads Click Through Rate (CTR) in No Time


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If you fail to structure your account with Google Ads effectively or don’t manage it well, it may lead to your click-through rates being low and you will virtually give your competition an upper hand with an increase in their ads’ CTR.

Your business will not be getting traffic, enquiries, or even expected sales. This will damage your business motives while assisting theirs.

5 Practical Ways to Improve Your Google Ads Click Through Rate (CTR) in No Time

Then, how is it possible to improve Google Ads CTR? Through this post, we will be looking at five ways to boost Google Ads traffic.

Competitors’ Keywords

Although the importance of keywords has been beaten to death, it is still a crucial message for any PPC company. Keywords do matter.

We see people pay a huge sum of money for the top words. However, the reality is that if you try ranking for a few of the most prominent keywords, you won’t get to see clicks if you’re not a big influencer. As harsh as it may sound, this is reality.

Thankfully, you don’t certainly have to run after the keywords with the highest competition in the entire industry.

Rather, you might think about opting for keywords that your direct competitors are using. Better still, incorporate your competitors in the ad copy itself.

Tailor-Made Landing Pages

Landing pages make up another important factor when speaking of PPC. In case your site is offering advice on more than one subject, landing pages are the key. They cut down confusion by directing the customer directly to what they require.

The justification for why people don’t do this frequently is because it takes a lot of time. Companies basically need to develop fresh landing pages for each new keyword.

The best of the tricks to create a shortcut to this work is by using dynamic text replacement. In this manner, you could create one main template for landing pages.

Then its content and copy are going to change on the basis of the search term used by someone just a few seconds ago.

Dynamic Keywords

By using keywords in the headlines, descriptions, and display URL, you will have a fool-proof method of improving the Quality Score.

A good Quality Score implies increased chances of the algorithm triggering your ads for related searches.

Going by Google themselves, “Keyword insertion can help improve your ads’ relevance to potential customers by automatically updating your ads with the keywords in your ad group that caused your ads to show.”

Smart Bidding Strategy

Since automation has been increasing, Google Ads really amped up its techniques with the help of smart bidding strategies.

The speciality of smart bidding is that Google is going to automate whenever your ads pop up, with a goal to enter your ad only in the auctions where you will be more likely to earn a click. By getting into more accurate and targeted auctions, you can get a better click-through rate. Moreover, with the help of lead scoring, smart bidding can also improve your return on investment by focusing on high-quality leads that are more likely to convert into customers.

Test Various Types

It is no longer a criterion to be glued to only expanded ad types now. Responsive text ads have proven to improve click-through rates.

Besides, they have the additional benefit of being capable of using more than only the three fields for headline and the two fields for description in the expanded search ads. In turn, this increases the likelihood of putting up a more suitable ad for any relevant search.

Make sure that your SEO agency pays close heed to the previews while you are creating them. For example, in case a particular headline is not looking good enough in the position of headline 1, you might want to pin it just to be shown in the position of the second or third.

Just like that, if you want only a particular headline to be shown in the position of headline 1, it is possible to pin it on to the first position.

Always remember that increasing your CTR can not happen overnight. All these take some time, along with trial and error.

Keywords do work but don’t expect that you will be able to see your conversions skyrocket by simply adding in some keywords here or there.

Optimizing ads requires some refinement. You must study the audience, keywords that can persuade them, and accordingly, find means for incorporating these as organically as possible.

You can also hire an agency for a Google Ads audit for best results.


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