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A business can only flourish when it has a beautiful presence compelling the customers to visit the platform. Be it a physical store or a virtual presence on the internet, the presentation matters a lot. The key component to start a new business online needs a strong website with engaging content to grab the attention of the targeted audience and make good profits over the years. For starters, the WordPress themes are the ideal ones to seek and build a brilliant online presence.

WordPress started as a personal initiative and became the most used platform in the world to host a website. The community has grown leaps and bounds offering elegant themes, plugins, libraries and other specific attributes to follow or add. Over 27% of the internet activities are reportedly using this platform. This popular content management system is encouraging over 60% of the market share in the world as per the statistics recorded in 2016. As you can see, this elegant platform has the immense capability of delivering an SEO-friendly responsive platform for the business owners to cater to online needs without any huge investment. The Custom WordPress Development Company also offers an efficient service to prepare the ground for an online business.

Free most useful WordPress themes

WordPress offers a new dimension with unlimited possibilities for the users. The content management system is very efficient to configure and host a website for all kinds of ventures. The community offers immense support to the developers and self-hosting users by providing excellent features and themes. The elegant business themes developed by the community often gives a convenient opportunity to the new startups to create a primitive platform to begin the journey. Most of the starter themes are very friendly with drag and drop features that enable a user to create a formidable online presence in no time.
Here is the list of free themes a business needs these days to kick start its operation without wasting resources and time.


1. Airi

Airi Free WordPress Theme

For the avid bloggers and online authors out there, Airi is the best free theme to start the action. The light theme makes your online presence quite adorable and attractive for the users to read the content in an aesthetic environment.

This theme is specifically fabricated to match the basic needs of small ventures and businesses. It has a call-to-action banner zone and a three column design for displaying your services. The testimonial section also allows the visitors to post their thoughts about your business thus giving an extra edge to win the SEO competition. Whether you like to sell products or showcase your case studies, this theme is the ideal one to go with and make brilliant brand recognition.

The customizable color, background, fonts, images, and various other visual aspects in this theme come with other essential features. You can make effective changes without writing a single code line. It has the Elementor plug-in that allows you to make changes using the drag-drop feature. It also comes with a list of remarkable 600 Google fonts for branding your site. This is why it is considered as the Best Small Business WordPress Themes 2019


2. Hestia

Hestia Airi Free WordPress Theme

This is a typical small business or startup theme you need to give your venture a proper online presence. This responsive theme is ideal for all smart device users. It is built to cater to the needs of bloggers, e-commerce businesses, and agencies catering to a particular service.

The layout is the biggest feature of this free theme that allows you to post and customize images, templates, fonts, etc. In fact, it has the inbuilt feature to work with WooCommerce platform. The format also comes with an array of SEO tools to increase the page rankings. Most of the WordPress Development Services for Website Customization uses this theme and prepare a brand-oriented output for better business.


3. Sydney

Sydney Hestia Airi Free WordPress Theme

This is one of the highest rated free WordPress themes for small and medium scale business to host a website. The fully customizable options make it easier to use and cater to the specific needs of a brand. The faster uploading feature and the easy-to-configure layout are very useful for the hosting users. This theme also comes with Parallax background that catches the attention of the visitors remarkably and prepares a perfect customer base for the businesses. This platform can also be used for the easiest social integration and increase the page rankings.


4. Astrid

Astrid Sydney Hestia Airi Free WordPress Theme

Astrid is used to generate a website quickly and host it easily. Astrid has all the basic and advanced features a host needs to create a perfect website with brand-specific customization. The theme is purely business-oriented and fits well with the requirements of the startups. The layout comes with a header image, overlaying buttons, and texts to make it extremely attractive. It is a responsive theme that behaves well when any smart device is used to open the website. This particular platform is ideal for selling digital and physical products online. Astrid is a prime choice of the WordPress Development Services in USA.


5. Business Point

Business Point Astrid Sydney Hestia Airi Free WordPress Theme

Business Point is a suave WordPress theme used for the development of business websites for agencies, technology companies, corporate offices, etc. This theme is also used for developing a portfolio online using images and descriptions. All the features of this theme can be easily manipulated and customized as per the need of the brand. The responsive design is highly appreciated by the users as it offers immense convenience for the visitors to find the content. The theme also has innate SEO tools, social media integration, and plugins for smoother operation.


There are innumerable WordPress themes you can get for free to work on and host a great website. In fact, many of them are also available in premium versions with added features and functions. Hire Top WordPress Developers in India so that you can avail a business-oriented brand-specific them for your website to create awareness. Find the best WordPress theme developer to start your elegant venture with a perfect online presence.


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