5 Most Common Refrigerator Problems


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Home appliances play a major role in our daily lives. They help us with household tasks, such as cooking and cleaning, and save us the time we can put into other activities. Not only do appliances provide convenience, but they also bring comfort to the household.

5 Most Common Refrigerator Problems

One of the essential home and kitchen appliances is the refrigerator. Aside from cooling various food items and groceries, they also help keep them fresh and safe. For these reasons, having trouble with your fridge can be a hassle. While some refrigerator issues are easy to spot and fix, some are more complicated that they require appliance repair services. You can easily approach commercial fridge repairs in case there is a common refrigerator problem or for that matter serious issues with your appliance for its better function. Read on to learn about some of the most common refrigerator problems.

1. The Refrigerator Is Leaking

If you notice a mysterious puddle of water near your fridge, then it might be leaking. Besides causing inconvenience, this common problem may also cause people to slip and hurt themselves. So, it’s crucial to fix it right away.

One probable cause of a leaking refrigerator is a clogged or frozen defrost drain. This component collects and drains out water that accumulates because of condensation. So, if the drain gets blocked with debris, ice builds up, causing water to leak out. When this happens, you may either remove the debris manually or unclog it from the inside by pouring warm water down the drain.

2. Your Fridge Isn’t Cooling

Your refrigerator helps preserve your food by keeping them at a cool and safe temperature. So, finding out that it isn’t cooling enough is troublesome. There are several reasons for this problem, ranging from the right thermostat, which wasn’t set, to more complicated ones, like a faulty capacitor.

However, one of the more likely and easy-to-spot reasons is dirty condenser coils. These elements expel heat and allow proper air circulation, so if they are blocked, your fridge won’t cool properly. Cleaning them thoroughly helps fix this issue. If doing so doesn’t make any difference or if you are unsure of the root cause of the problem, consult an appliance repair professional.

3. Frozen Food in the Refrigerator

While it’s normal to find frozen food in your freezer, finding the rest of the items in your fridge frozen is a cause for concern. When this happens, check your temperature control thermostat. You can determine whether it’s damaged if you rotate it from the lowest to the highest setting and don’t hear a click. In this case, your thermostat might need replacing.

4. Your Unit Is Constantly Running

A refrigerator runs to reach and maintain its desired cooling temperature. So, if your unit is running a cycle almost non-stop, it is not a good sign. Besides making a loud and annoying noise throughout the day, this may also cause your electricity bill to spike. For that reason, if you notice unusual sounds from your fridge, it’s best to inspect it right away.

Dirty condenser coils are a common cause for refrigerators that cycle constantly. Because dirt and debris make it harder for your fridge to cool properly, your unit will have to work harder to keep a cool temperature, resulting in frequent cycles. Another possible cause is damaged door gaskets. Since they are responsible for keeping cool air in, a gap or hole in them forces your unit to run more often.

5. Ice Buildup in the Freezer

Your freezer helps keep various food items fresh by keeping them frozen. But, there shouldn’t be a buildup of ice in this part of your fridge. One likely reason for this problem is the rise of humidity levels in your refrigerator. This may happen either because of the constant opening of your freezer or because of a faulty seal. If you can’t figure out how to repair this issue, call an expert.

Most home appliances, including refrigerators, typically have a longer lifespan. But, it doesn’t mean they’re indestructible. So, learning how to use and take care of them properly is crucial. Aside from avoiding inconveniences in the household, it will also save you from potential emergency repairs or replacement costs.

Despite that, you still might run into issues with your appliances from time to time. When this happens, knowing what to do or who to call is greatly beneficial. If you can’t fix the problem on your own or if you are unfamiliar with an appliance, call appliance repair services. Besides saving your time and effort, they will also prevent potential damage caused by DIY repair.


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