5 Common Myths about Paper Shredding and Why They’re Not True


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Are you still throwing away your important documents without shredding them first? Have you been disposing of important documents without first shredding them, thinking they only require business shredding services, or that a home office shredder is enough? If that is the case for you, then let us expose 5 Common Myths About Paper Shredding (and Why They’re False) In this blog post we will expose the truth behind 5 common myths surrounding paper shredding as individuals should take charge in safeguarding their personal information while professional shredding services provide valuable insight on why professional shredding services should be employed when protecting confidential data. So, let’s dive into this world of paper shredding.

1. Shredding is Only Necessary for Businesses

People often assume that paper shredding is only necessary for businesses. However, this misconception must be dispelled as individuals often possess sensitive personal and financial data such as bank statements, tax returns, medical records, or credit card bills that could be exploited by identity thieves if improperly disposed of.

Identity theft can affect anyone at any time – be they business owners or simply ordinary citizens. Whoever goes through your trash may discover valuable information they could use for fraudulent activities, so all documents containing confidential data must be securely destroyed before being placed into the garbage can.

Do not wait until it is too late before taking steps against identity theft – prevention is always better. Be vigilant against giving away your sensitive personal data into the wrong hands.

2. A Home Office Shredder is Enough

Unfortunately, many individuals believe that using their home office shredder alone is enough to secure their sensitive information from prying eyes – however, this simply isn’t true and may leave them exposed to identity theft.

Home shredders tend to be less secure than professional shredding services, often only shredding paper strips instead of cross-cutting them, making it easier for thieves to reconstruct your documents. The top 5 shredding services in Chicago are one primary example of the same. Furthermore, these shredders may not be capable of handling large volumes or specific materials like credit cards and CDs.

Home shredding requires taking on the responsibility for disposing of the material properly – this can be both time-consuming and daunting if you have lots of paperwork to shred. Professional shredding services take care of everything for you.

Home office shredders can waste valuable time as you manually feed each piece into the machine one at a time. Professional document destruction companies utilize high-speed industrial equipment that shreds thousands of pages per hour with minimal effort required from you.

3. All Shredding Services Are the Same

A common misconception regarding paper shredding services is that they all offer similar features and benefits; this is far from true; in reality, there are different types of paper shredding available and each service provides something special tailored specifically to meet individual requirements.

Some companies provide mobile on-site shredding services that are ideal for businesses needing to regularly destroy sensitive documents, while other providers specialize in off-site or drop-off paper shredding options for individuals or smaller businesses that require less frequent service.

Consideration should also be given to the level of security offered by each provider when selecting a paper shredding service provider. Some organizations use more advanced equipment like cross-cutting or micro-cutting machines which ensure documents cannot be pieced back together again after being destroyed.

Not all document destruction providers are created equal – choosing one based on your unique requirements and preferences requires thoughtful consideration.

4. Shredded Paper Can’t Be Recycled

Shredding paper may be associated with the destruction of sensitive information, yet many believe that once it has been shredded it cannot be recycled anymore. Recycling experts have disproved this belief: shredded paper can indeed be recycled just like any other type of paper.

However, when recycling shredded paper there are a few key points to remember. First and foremost is making sure the shreds are free from contaminants like plastic and metal bits which could damage machinery as well as pollute recycled batches of material.

Shredded paper should be placed in its bag within your recycling bin to avoid becoming mixed up with other materials during collection and processing.

While some facilities provide curbside pickup or drop-off of shredded paper for proper disposal and recycling, others require you to take it directly to their facility for proper processing and recycling.

Shredding your documents does not preclude recycling them responsibly; be sure to follow best practices when disposing of them so they can find their way back into new products rather than ending up in landfills.

5. It’s Too Expensive to Shred

Many individuals and businesses mistakenly believe that shredding confidential documents is too costly when in reality this belief can result in much greater expenses in the long run if left unshredded.

Failure to dispose of sensitive information securely could put both individuals and companies at risk of identity theft and fraud. Recovering from such events can cost both financially and time-wise.

Professional shredding services often provide cost-effective options tailored to individual needs and budgets, including one-time or ongoing services depending on document volume and frequency of disposal.

Investment in a reliable shredding service ensures all documents are destroyed safely while meeting legal compliance standards – helping you avoid potential penalties that may incur much greater costs than taking proper document destruction steps.

The Importance of Shredding for Individuals

Identity theft is an ever-evolving threat, not only affecting businesses. Individuals too may fall prey to identity thieves if their data falls into the wrong hands; therefore,individuals need to take measures such as shredding sensitive documents to help safeguard themselves against this type of identity fraud.

Many people assume that shredding documents is solely the responsibility of businesses; this couldn’t be further from the truth. Any individual containing sensitive data in paper form should shred it before discarding or recycling it – such as bank statements, credit card offers, medical records, and any other document containing personal data.

By shredding documents before disposing of them in the trash or recycling bin, individuals can significantly lower their risk of identity theft. Shredded paper is much harder for thieves to reassemble than torn or crumpled paper; therefore, making it less likely that anyone could steal personal data from discarded documents.

Never underestimate the significance of shredding for individuals. Even taking simple measures such as shredding sensitive paperwork can go a long way toward safeguarding your identity and keeping personal information safe.

Home and Professional Shredding Services Succeed Many individuals believe that when it comes to protecting sensitive information, a home shredder is enough. While such devices can serve small-scale shredding needs effectively, professional services offer far greater power when it comes to shredding services.

Why Professional Shredding Services Trump Home Shredders

Professional shredding services provide greater levels of security than home shredders, using industrial-grade equipment and adhering to stringent protocols to destroy your documents safely and provide certificates of destruction as proof that they were safely destroyed.

Utilizing professional paper shredding services can save both time and money over time. Shredding large volumes of paper with your home shredder could take hours or days, not to mention the hassle of disposing of it yourself – professional services handle everything from pickup to disposal for you, giving you more time for other tasks.You can check the best paper shredder for home and office use just to compare them with heavy-duty shredders. This can surely clarify why shredding services are prioritized when it comes to shredding hight confidential documents.

Professional document destruction services help minimize environmental impact by recycling all shredded paper instead of sending it straight to landfills, as is common among residential users. When selecting one option versus the other when it comes to document destruction – always consider which option will give the best results while saving both time and effort.

The Differences Between Various Shredding Services and Providers

Not all shredding services and providers offer equal services when it comes to shredding documents. Some provide on-site shredding while others only provide off-site shredding. On-site shredding can be advantageous for businesses as they can witness firsthand how their documents are destroyed; off-site requires transporting them to an off-site secure facility before being destroyed in bulk.

The frequency of service also differs across providers, from one-off document purges to ongoing scheduled services where containers are regularly emptied and their contents shredded and securely destroyed.

Security should also be an important factor. Look for providers with background-checked employees and stringent chain-of-custody protocols.

Finding a dependable professional shredding service can bring peace of mind knowing your confidential information is being handled safely. Before selecting any paper shredder provider or service, conduct extensive research on what options are available in your area regarding quality, price range, and reliability before selecting one that best suits your needs.

The Truth About Recycling Shredded Paper

Many individuals hesitate to shred documents because they believe the shredded pieces cannot be recycled – however, this is far from true; shredded papers can be recycled just as efficiently as whole sheets of paper.

Note that while most municipal recycling programs accept shredded paper recycling, some may require it to be placed in its bin or bag due to its smaller size and potential contamination risk. It’s wise to consult your local recycling program for specific guidance.

Not entirely true either is that recycling paper shreds will render them worthless; while their shorter fibers may not perform as well in certain applications (printing or packaging), such as printing or packaging materials, they still have value when used as animal bedding or insulation materials.

Simply stated, don’t allow recycling concerns to stop you from shredding sensitive documents. Shredded paper still has an opportunity for reuse when recycled properly and can help contribute towards creating an eco-friendlier future.

Cost-Effective Shredding Options for Any Budget

It is crucial to dispel common myths surrounding paper shredding. Not all shredding services offer equal services or options to meet any budget; some services specialize in home shredders while others have commercial services available as well as options that recycle shredded paper back into circulation. You can recycle all shredded material. There are cost-effective shredding options for every budget.

No matter, if you are an individual or a business owner, safeguarding personal and sensitive data, is of utmost importance. By opting for professional shredding services instead of home shredders, you will have peace of mind knowing that all documents are being destroyed securely.

Do not let cost be a barrier to properly disposing of confidential information. There are various cost-effective options available such as one-time purges or ongoing scheduled service plans to fit within any budget.

Remember, when it comes to safeguarding yourself or your business from identity theft and fraud, the value of professional paper shredding services cannot be underrated.


Secure shredding is a necessity to avoid all data privacy issues. With so many options available in the market, you can opt for paper shredding events, paid services, or even invest in a paper shredder depending upon your personal preference.

Falling prey to data scammers is quite easy nowadays and avoiding the same is even easier with the help of just one simple step and that is to destroy your unwanted confidential documents based on the tips and details shared above in the article.


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