5 Basic Elements That Make A Successful Web Design


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Vancouver is beautiful and happening at the same time. Small businesses are the major contributor to the city’s economy by representing over 95% of all businesses. The thriving city also provides scenic beauty located on the north bank of the Colombia river in the US.

5 Basic Elements That Make A Successful Web Design

Online presence is significant to business in Vancouver city as more than 46% of all Google searches were for local businesses. Taking your business to new heights or desiring to make your online presence felt, your website forms a crucial part of business, no matter what your purpose. Here are the top five elements to consider for a successful website design Vancouver WA.

1. Ease of Navigation

You should avoid making your website highly creative and keep it simple. It should be easy to navigate and menus accessible from anywhere on the website. People are unhappy with websites that make them feel lost.

Also, adding too many graphics and hover effects can make it annoying and result in customers losing interest in browsing further. Use simple hamburger style lines for menus, direction arrows to let users know the direction they need to scroll in, and back-to-top buttons to bring them back to the top of the page.

2. Design and Layout

You wonder what could be appealing to your customers, as each one’s preferences vary. What one customer likes another may dislike. So how do you pick a design that will not put off customers? The mantra to a successful website design is to keep it familiar, clean, intuitive, and straightforward like the experts at Website erstellen lassen do. Pick the same colors as your product packaging or those usually used in your advertising materials to create a uniform appeal.

3. Content

You have perfected the design and navigation of your website, but if the content is not mind-capturing, it can still result in customers losing interest. The first few lines of your content should deliver a powerful message to ensure that the user’s attention is grabbed and they read further. A single unnecessary word can make the information seem dull and rambling, so keep to the point. Customers need quick facts and do not have the patience to read long tests to get helpful information.

4. Optimize

Mobile traffic surpassed desktop traffic years ago, with no signs of waning. About 88% of local businesses have searched using mobile devices and have visited or called within 24 hours of the search. Optimizing your website for mobile devices is necessary if you want to survive in today’s highly competitive business environment.

5. Scalability

Another aspect often ignored when contemplating author website design, is how quickly you can have it up and running and the ease with which you can scale it. You will want to add products and services as you grow and need a scalable website, find out more.

Vancouver is the heart of many small businesses, and the internet allows citizens to reach these businesses easily. Having a website that incorporates all the above elements will ensure that users have a positive navigation experience and help boost conversions. While there are other aspects to consider, getting these right will help take your business to new heights.


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