Social Responsibility of Law Firms


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Law Firms, like others in the corporate world, should adhere to the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility. It is always good to give back to the society from which you earn. Law firms have the financial means, influence and reach in the society, which they can use to help the society directly and indirectly.

Social Responsibility of Law Firms

The biggest contribution law firms like Reep Law can make to the society is to follow ethical standards, fair practices and never compromise their integrity for profits. If they make it their goal to work only for justice and not money, they can help in eradicating the society of the crime and punishing all wrong doers irrespective of their social and financial status.

Law Firms in Dubai are engaged with many corporate clients on which they hold significant influence. They can do a lot of good, if they ensure that their clients are made aware of the corporate social responsibilities and are encouraged to follow the same. Corporate sector is in a position to bring a lot of positive influence in the society.

Law Firms in Dubai, individually or collectively, can contribute a lot to society. They can hold awareness sessions in which general people are educated regarding different social issues. Lawyers can be very convincing and teach the public the ills of the society and how to get rid of them. Sessions on drugs, pollution, climate control or fighting crime can be very useful for social improvement.

Law Firms can themselves get engaged in a social cause and directly help in fighting them. Law Firms in Dubai have been known to contribute a lot to social causes. A Law firm can start a cleanliness campaign in which its employees take time to clean certain areas of litter or waste, like public parks, train stations, and streets. They can not only help the environment but also influence the common people.

Law Firms can financially support those organizations who are solely working for the betterment of society. Many NGOs and NPOs are doing significant good in the Dubai and if they get financial support from the law firms, they can significantly enhance their contributions.

The Outsourcing in Law Firms across the World: A New Concept

Outsourcing is a very effective option for businesses or individuals in any field of life. In the field of law, it is equally beneficial and important. It is imperative that the concept of legal outsourcing is thoroughly understood and utilized as required.

A Discussion : A Statement

Law Firms are providing services in different areas of expertise. Some excel in corporate laws, some in civil and some in criminal. It is impossible for any single individual or business to excel in all these areas. Obviously, it is not their main target to learn all the laws. However, they need knowledge and compliance of almost all these laws at different times. So, it is best to outsource these services so that they can avoid any involuntary noncompliance and save themselves from any undue fine or penalty.

Companies generally hire lawyers on their payroll. But these lawyers cannot compete with the lawyers in law firms who are specifically practicing law and getting maximum exposure. A lawyer in the company is confined to the legal practices within that company and has exposure to only the legal affairs of that particular entity. The best quality services based on the rapidly changing legal environment can only be achieved by legal outsourcing.

Legal outsourcing actually saves cost. Companies can have major setbacks on the losses incurred due to penalties and fines. The cost of legal outsourcing is very small compared to the damages these lawyers avoid. In addition, the companies do not need senior and expensive lawyers on their payroll. Instead high class professionals are outsourced and all the extra cost of hiring employed lawyers is avoided.

The law firms across the world providing legal outsourcing are extremely influential. If they represent their client in any department or court of law, they can exert maximum weight and get the best outcome for the client. A lawyer having a history of fighting hundreds of cases in a certain field carries much more respect than a lawyer who works for a company with limited job specifications and limited scope of work.


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