Why And how To Choose The Right Theme!


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We all know that there are many things which needed to be taken care of in order for your Blog to run smoothly

Some of them are Blog Security, the best plugins for your blog and what not

But today we are gonna discuss about the Importance of the responsiveness of a Theme
Why And how To Choose The Right Theme

What is a Responsive Theme?

It is a responsive web design or a WordPress theme that smoothly adjusts its layout between all devices such as desktops, tablets, and phones

Why Is a Responsive Theme Important?

Did you know that as of June 2018 the mobile devices grew from 57% to 63%

I mean that’s more than Half of the desktop searches

Chances of someone coming back to your site is very less, once they know that your site is hard to view and navigates

Every Visitor is a potential customer, so you can’t let that happen. Can you?

You really need to think about changing it if you haven’t had a mobile responsive or friendly theme yet!

Why Is A Beautiful Website Theme Important?

Your website theme is the face of your website.  

You need to make a good first impression

It’s basically just the same as Disguising in a torn off clothes. Chances of people believing you that you are actually not poor is less.

The same applies here too, No matter how good and effective your work is, for those people who haven’t heard of you it’s gonna be hard for them to trust you if you have a shitty website design

Because you made it hard for them to trust

But if you have a decent enough design, that could close the deal much faster

By saying this, it doesn’t mean theme design is the overall solution for all problems.

But it all aids to trust factor.

Kinda like you are more willing to do a business with a more professional person with a suit than just a man with a casual dress.

How To Find The Right Website Theme For Your Business?

You need to choose the theme carefully on what your requirements are.

But the question is that there are literally thousands and thousands of website themes out there

So, how do you choose the right one that will work?

Finding the right theme is not an easy job. Sometimes it can take time to figure out the right one.

But make sure that the theme you choose is professional looking and user-friendly as possible

Here are some Factor you need to look at while Analyzing the theme:

1) Responsiveness

Making it sure that the theme is responsive to all devices

Responsive is Not Optional Anymore. It’s mandatory.

Go to Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test page to see if the theme is mobile friendly or not.


2) Speed

Some themes are just more lightweight than others

So, make sure that The Theme should load super fast. Google even recently announced that they are gonna take in Website Load speed as a ranking factor.

Unless you wanna dominate mobile searches, make sure your website loads extremely fast.

To help you with that Here are 23 Ways To make website load speed faster


3) Font

Don’t choose a theme with a font that is hard to read.

The point here is to give the best User Experience (UX)

However, if you know or a bit familiar with CSS, you could just go in easily and adjust the font, but sometimes some free themes might be limited to customization.


4) Browser Compatibility

You shouldn’t expect your visitors only from Chrome. Sometimes, it may be from FireFox, UC Browser, Explorer, Opera Mini, etc

That means they will be using different browsers.

So, you need to make sure that your website theme loads perfectly across all browser

Your theme may look perfect on Chrome, but there might be something broken in other browsers


5) Test Your Theme Thoroughly

Test, whether your website is lacking, or meets all the required WordPress standards.

To do that, it’s pretty simple

Just Install the Theme Check plugin and it will do all the hard work for you


6) Supported Plugins

Sometimes there are some themes which aren’t compatible with all Plugins

Personally, I have experienced it on Neilhosting.com too

The last theme I used doesn’t support a content table Plugin

So, I had to change the theme

If you are unsure whether it supports or not, ask theme developer about it.


7) SEO Friendliness

Some themes are more SEO friendly compared to others.

Your theme plays an important role in your site’s SEO friendliness.

Even if the theme is good looking, still the HTML code can be poorly coded.

Keep that in mind!


8) Multilingual

If you are an international business website, I would recommend you to choose something that is multilingual or it can be translated very easily

Also, make sure that it supports multilingual plugins.


9) Recommendation And Ratings

Look at their star ratings, their user feedbacks, comments and determine the right one for you.

Different Business needs different Themes, So, Getting the theme right is very crucial and important.


10) Premium Theme

Most of the best themes are Premium

However if you want the best free themes here are 35 Best Free Themes



These days, websites are super crucial for their business and any business that does not have a website is putting itself at a disadvantage.

But just having a website doesn’t do good, You need to make your website unique and vibrant.

I hope these help even a little bit on choosing the right Website Theme


If there is anything that you would like to ask or needed to add, comment down below RIGHT NOW!!!


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