How are Cannabis Terpenes Making Waves Recently in the Pharma Sector?


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Products with THC and other cannabinoids are growing in popularity by the day in the pharma sector. Medical researchers are exploring the potential benefits and uses of terpenes to treat various physical and psychological conditions. These compounds give cannabis its distinct flavors and aromas.

How are Cannabis Terpenes Making Waves Recently in the Pharma Sector?

The use of cannabis for recreational purposes is now legal in several states. So several brands now manufacture and market full-spectrum CBD products for medical purposes. Research is also being conducted on the benefit of individual terpenes.

Refer to websites like cannabis for more information on how terpenes work. If you plan to invest in cannabis products, it’s best you learn about brands, read product reviews, and testimonials before buying the products.

Manage Depression and Anxiety

Commercial interest and Federal funding have triggered many studies on the application of terpenes to manage psychological conditions like depression and anxiety. It’s common knowledge that fragrances can have a positive impact on your mood. For example, you may have noticed that your mood lightens instantly if you smell a fragrant flower or how cravings are triggered with the scent of food.

Terpenes found in cannabis are more potent. So medical experts are now making efforts to harness the power of cannabis terpenes to treat these psychological conditions. Studies show that essential oils and sprays that contain terpenes can help with mood swings and other conditions.

For instance, limonene (a terpene found in citrus) has profound mood-boosting benefits. Cannabis terpenes work similarly to that as well. Additionally, terpenes also give flavor. So medicines and other therapeutic products that contain terpenes have a pleasant flavor and are easier to consume.

Manage Chronic Pain

Products containing terpenes may be effective in managing chronic pain and other physical conditions. The compound interacts with the neural receptors in the brain to manage certain sensations. It’s vital to note that no evidence proves terpenes and other cannabis compounds can cure pain or alleviate certain conditions in the human body.

These compounds can only help people manage conditions like pain. CBD balm is particularly effective at combatting pain originating from arthritis. This is because it gets to work quickly on the area that you apply the balm to. It is also important to opt for an organic CBD balm that is removed of harmful additives.

Pills and Edibles

The pharma sector now sells several terpene-induced pills and edibles. You will need prescriptions to buy these pills. However, edibles with low doses of THC and other compounds don’t have many strict regulations surrounding them. Even the pet pharma sector has seen a massive boost in cannabis products for dogs, cats, and other pets.

Legalization in the Many States

Cannabis is now legalized in most states, and there are discussions about the legalization of the substance at a federal level. This legal move has also created waves in the pharma sector, with more and more medical brands and research labs bringing out new products with cannabis terpenes.

As, so far, most of the research has been around cannabinoids like THC and CBD. However, researchers are now exploring other minor cannabinoids found in cannabis. These products offer several medical benefits.

Wrapping Up

The use of terpenes to treat a medical condition is not new in the pharma sector. However, terpenes from cannabis offer many promising benefits. It’s recommended you choose a top-rated brand for cannabis-based products. Ensure that the brand only uses locally sourced herbs.


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