Top 4 Machine Learning Applications to Empower Your Business


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Every business wants to improve its processes for better productivity. With better technology support, businesses can achieve this more conveniently.

Machine learning is one of the trending applications of artificial intelligence. Computer systems which are programmed by humans were believed to have no brain of their own before the emergence of artificial intelligence.

Now, machine learning is giving digital systems the capability to learn and adapt themselves persistently and progressively.

Top 4 Machine Learning Applications to Empower Your Business

If you are still exploring how machine learning can help your business, here is the answer.


1. Voice Interactions

Almost all of us are accustomed to using voice searches on our smartphones. Most users find voice-based interfaces more convenient to use. Humans can speak faster than they type.

Voice recognition is used for empowering businesses through machine learning capabilities. Voice user interfaces, with speech to text capabilities, can be integrated with your apps.

Owing to the research in this field, over the years, this technology has become more and more efficient. Like any other forms of learning, machine learning involves improving the quality with time. So, you can expect the same customer getting better results with his successive voice interactions on your app.

The intelligent, AI empowered speech recognition can also adjust and adapt to different accents and voice modulations.


2. Face Recognition

Face recognition technology is crucial for any business. It can be used to validate employee access to the business premises and also help in the security of the offices from illegitimate entry.

Machine learning helps in detecting any changes in face structures over time and effectively adapt to the same. They record even minute details and develop their capabilities further based on such information.

Face recognition technology can be used for secured user dealings. For better safety, your apps can be made AI empowered. Such apps can use face recognition of the customer for authentication.

Face recognition systems incorporating deep learning, a branch of machine learning, can precisely differentiate even between identical twins!

As per a recent e-commerce apps survey, around 36.4% of the customers abandon their carts due to their concerns about payment security. The machine learning based face recognition technology finds excellent applications in developing high-security e-commerce payment systems which can ensure customer satisfaction.

Other prominent applications are app-based testing, online banking, etc.


3. Customer Segmentation

Machine learning can be used to monitor the customer’s preferences on your e-commerce website or app. The user behavior data is recorded and through this data, appropriate patterns are gauged. This process is called clustering and it can be used for customer segmentation.

A database so built can then be used to suggest products to the customer which match best with his requirements. Basket analysis can be best achieved through machine learning. The customer can thus be recommended supplementary products related to the product that the customer has added to his cart or to his wish list.

Customer, through machine learning, gets a real-time or one-to-one service feel while interacting with your website or app. Based on the learning, special customer-specific offers can be generated by the apps. This helps in better user experience on your apps or website.


4. Customer Service

All of us have interacted with chatbots. Some websites manage to provide better chatbot experience than others.  This is because some of these chat bots are better learners than the others! To understand this better, you must know how chatbots work.

The chatbots depend on a backend database containing frequently used keywords that your customer might need help for. Each keyword corresponds to a description. The chatbot takes in keyword from the customer query, searches for it in the database and returns the corresponding information from the description.

A machine learning empowered chatbot can, however, improve with consecutive interactions and keep refining the answers to customer queries accordingly. This AI capability is best utilized in the development of effective chatbots which learn through the available information and become more effective in answering customer queries in real time.



Machine learning is one of the biggest turning points in the applications of artificial intelligence. You have already seen how your business can benefit from this. Grab the opportunity now for your business!

Or, if you have suggestions on how machine learning application of AI can benefit small businesses, do share here in the comments section.


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