Why Hire Personal Injury Attorneys in Philadelphia


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Like other cities, Philadelphia has its share of personal injury grievances, with some cases being more severe than others. Adjusting to life after a grievous injury can be challenging for most victims. Also, they may have to spend a substantial amount of money on the ensuing medical treatments.

Personal injury law is a vast one that encompasses a variety of claims and lawsuits. For instance, you can hire personal injury lawyers in Philadelphia for cases relating to car accidents, medical malpractice, workplace mishaps, and wrongful death, among other things.

Why Hire Personal Injury Attorneys in Philadelphia

Of these, car accidents and workplace injuries are among the most common reasons for which people hire personal injury attorneys in this incredible city.

Auto accidents

Philadelphia has an alarming number of auto accidents occurring each year. The city witnesses twice as many incidents as New York City does. Records indicate that as many as four children are involved in some form of auto accident every day. Also, of the people killed in traffic mishaps, 55% of them are in vehicle accidents.

If, for any reason, you are the victim of an accident, it would be wise to hire a personal injury lawyer immediately. They can take the case over in a highly competent and professional manner.

The lawyers are adept at assessing damage, injury, loss, and other vital factors, representing you in court and at the insurance company, and filing for rightful compensation.

Workplace mishaps

According to a report, about twenty-one fatal work-related injuries resulted from transportation incidents in 2018. This was followed by injuries resulting from contact with equipment and objects, accounting for seventeen deaths in the same year. Besides these, a hazardous work environment was the third most common reason for workplace injuries.

Typically, there is no particular group of professionals in danger when it comes to incidents at work. Anyone can be a victim of workplace incidents. If you happen to find yourself in such an incident, hiring a personal injury lawyer can ease your burden of handling insurance claims and court cases, among other things.

You can understand your rights easily and effectively with the help of a personal injury attorney. He can study your case in detail and guide you through the entire process of filing a compensation claim. Also, lawyers are much better at negotiating settlement offers due to their skill and experience in the field.

Other cases that personal injury attorneys handle

While personal injury lawyers in Philadelphia can handle the cases mentioned above, they take on a variety of other personal injury-related incidents as well. For instance, they cover medical negligence and malpractice cases wherein a medical professional’s avoidable error harms or endangers a patient. Severe cases involve congenital disabilities, surgery or medication errors, late diagnosis, and other critical patient injuries.

Some other personal injury cases that these lawyers specialize in include wrongful death and product liability. Premises liability, which involves slips and falls, is also among the most typical reasons most people hire personal injury attorneys.

For instance, suppose you fall due to broken tiles, slippery floor, or some other form of negligent property maintenance. In such cases, you are qualified to file a premises liability claim. A reliable lawyer can get you a fair amount of compensation.


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