Why Having A Degree Will Enhance Your Career


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If you already have a full-time job, you might not think that going back to school and obtaining a degree qualification is worthwhile. You might think you’re already quite happy doing what you’re doing, and you don’t need to make any changes. However, if you’re not happy doing what you’re doing, or if you feel that, although you are content, you might want to enhance your career and do more, a degree is a great idea. Read on to find out how having a degree will enhance your career so you can make the right choice for you.

Why Having A Degree Will Enhance Your Career

It’s A Changing Job Market

When you look at the plethora of Merrimack College online degrees available, you’ll see there are many more than ever before. That’s because almost every employer wants to see their potential employees have a good education. Employers want to see a highly educated workforce as it gives them peace of mind that the work they need to be done – no matter how complex it might be – is carried out correctly.

On top of that, with more and more technology becoming integrated into the workforce, it’s becoming almost essential for anyone who is looking to get ahead to obtain a degree. That’s because many jobs are becoming automated, meaning that there are potentially fewer positions. When a candidate has a degree, they can stand out and make the employer’s choice a slightly easier one.

An Inexperienced Workforce

Experience counts for a lot in your career, but the ironic thing is that to get the experience an employer is looking for, you need to work, and job ads require experience meaning you can’t work. So what can be done? Employers don’t want an inexperienced workforce, and yet that’s often what they will get.

If you have a degree, things will be different. When you obtain a degree, the program will teach you about the subject you have chosen, whether that’s business, education, literature, art history, forensic science, or anything else. This is expected. However, your program will also teach you much more, from organizational skills to communication to research to time-keeping. These elements will combine to help you show your experience to an employer. It might not be direct experience of the job in question, but it is good life experience, and that can be just as important.

Gives You Confidence To Move Forward

It is possible to get a job without a degree, of course. You can even start your own business without a degree qualification. However, having a degree can give you so much, and that includes plenty of confidence. Confidence is required in life to help you move forward – when you have confidence, you will be more likely to take chances in your career, for example. This could be applying for a promotion or looking around for a new job that will give you the next step you’re looking for.

Without a degree, you might not have had this confidence. You might not think you know enough or have enough experience, and the truth is that without a degree on your resume, you could easily be overlooked, and that would bring your confidence even lower, especially if it kept happening. Therefore, having a degree to boost your confidence will allow you to take more chances and get much further ahead.


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