Methods to Buy the Suitable Dump Truck Tarp


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Finding a suitable dump truck tarp is crucial to the proper functioning of your trailer. If a tarp that is not suitable for your dump truck bodies is used, there may be cases of mechanical inefficiency and improper functioning of the truck. When looking to buy a suitable truck tarp that is perfect your Gooseneck Trailers, there are a few methods to follow.

Methods to Buy the Suitable Dump Truck Tarp

Understand the tarp system

The tarp system is basically an arching system possessing two long posts that are connected with a cylindrical roll of solid material. A tarp system is what helps you with covering and uncovering of your load.

Buy a custom tarp system

Buying a custom tarp will ensure that you are not breaking any law when traveling. It helps to ensure that the load you are carrying in your truck is up to code. You can have a customized tarp system of your specific need for your trailer.

Buy a tarp with improved reliability

Consider the maintenance requirements when looking to buy a tarp. Some tarp systems are free of maintenance, and they become better with regular washing. The most reliable tarps are those with reverse wound torsion spring. The reverse wound torsion is more preferred to the pivot arms because they are less rigid while pivot arms are much rigid. A reverse wound torsion spring can take a hit because they aren’t as rigid as the other spring systems. Be sure to look out for the kind of spring system in the tarp you are buying.

Gear motors are a part of dump truck bodies that can determine reliability. There are purposeful gear motors that are good and can influence reliability, and those are the types you should look for.

Know the tarp system of your trailer

Knowing the tarp system of your trailer will guide you in knowing the suitable tarp it needs. It will make it easy to get a suitable tarp system for dumping bodies, flatbeds, and double drop trailers.

If you know the features that can improve the efficiency of your dump truck bodies, you will be able to get a suitable dump truck tarp. Your dump truck bodies and complete trailer system can be influenced greatly with a suitable tarp system which is one of the reasons why you need to be sure of the exact type your trailer uses.

A very important factor that can help you to get a suitable tarp (especially for custom tarps) is knowing what type your trailer will be using. If you are sure of a certain feature that can improve the efficiency of your tarp system, you should not hesitate to have a customized tarp. Don’t feel that your needs are too specific; the aim is to find a suitable tarp.

Cost consideration

Cost matters when you are looking to procure a dump truck tarp. The cost of a truck tarp depends on several factors like the cable system, arm type system and others. All buyers want to buy for a good price; meanwhile, it is advisable to go with the best you can find and also consider your budget at the same time.

Truck measurements for tarp purchase

To find a suitable tarp that will work efficiently with your trailer and dump truck bodies, you need to take the appropriate measurement. You can start with the bed of the truck; an example is 10′ wide by 22′ long. Proceeds to take the measurement of the load, it could be 6′. Sum up the width of your truck and the height needed on each side.

Your calculation should look somewhat like 10′ wide + 6′ tall + 6′ tall = 22′ in width. Make a decision on if there is a need for you to cover the load. If you are covering the end of the load, you may need to add a tail on each end. To know the measurement of the tail needed, multiply the height of the load by the width if the truck, 10′ x 6′.

With this type of specification, the suitable tarp would be 22′ x 22′ with a 10′ x 6′ tail on each 22′ width. Dee bands and rings are added for height adjustment of shorter loads.

Replacement consideration

Before proceeding to buy a tarp, you must put the ease of replacement into consideration. Replacement of truck tarps is not what any dump truck driver will come up to say they love to do. Many manufacturers have done a lot of work on a tarping system to make replacement much easier. With just a little knowledge you can replace your trunk tarp easily and fast.

The ease of replacement depends on the manufacturer of the tarp. So when you are looking to buy a suitable truck tarp, keep in mind to search for tarps that are very much easy to replace. Tarp installation shouldn’t be a hassle, look out for a reliable manufacturer with easy tarp system replacement.

Find a way to save time

There are some tarp systems that can cut down cycle time significantly. If your specific need is a tarp system that is safe and can save time, then you should consider automatic tarping systems.

One of the reasons why automatic tarping systems are popular is their time-saving characteristic, and another reason is that they are safe for use. Manual tarping systems, on the other hand, can take a lot of time for you to bungee them down. You have to give this a really deep consideration. An option that saves time is always considered the most suitable tarping system.


A good trick to finding a suitable tarp that will be perfect for your dump truck bodies and trailer/ truck as a whole is to find the right combination. The most suitable tarp for your truck would be one that is right for your type of truck and the material you intend to haul. This will make your tarp serve you for a long time and in turn save you unnecessary expenses.


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