Why Do Cohabiting Couples Still Need A Wedding Registry?


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A wedding registry is the process of you making a list of gifts for your newly wedded life that your wedding guests will present. The wedding registry is essential for couples who are about to get married. You must start creating your list as soon as you get engaged.

Why Do Cohabiting Couples Still Need A Wedding Registry

This article will discuss why a wedding registry is needed even for cohabiting couples. Nowadays, it is seen that couples who are in a serious relationship have been staying together even before the wedding. So you might already have a lot of everyday items like dinnerware and décor.

It is the perfect opportunity to get the lavish espresso machine or the painting above the dining table. So, you can skip the traditional items and enlist new items to decorate your newly wedded nest accordingly.

1. Create your ‘we’ home:

You can build the home of your dreams with your significant other. You can include the things that can represent joy between you. What you create will be a new start, and you can put the past living quarters with the random assortment in the flashback.

Suppose your cookware has become a scratched pan; you can input new cookware to let go of the old one. In short, the items that are moments away from being destroyed and old items you can donate or stop using by putting them on your wedding registry.

2. Guests want to buy you gifts:

On any occasion where guests are invited, they bring a token of appreciation. So you have to put the thought of guests and let them get you gifts to celebrate your big day. A wedding registry will guide them to ensure that they get the gift of their choice.

You have to allow your loved ones to help you decorate your newly wedded nest by gifting special keepsakes, so you remember their presence on your big day. Look up wedding registry Canada on the web.

For all kinds of couples out there, you must have a wedding registry if you are living together or not before the wedding. But from your fully furnished and stocked home, if you think about not maintaining a wedding registry, then you must give it a thought again.

3. Register for your future:

The evaluation of the wedding registry has been changed over time. If you think thoroughly and decide that you have everything you could want for your household, you can register for intangibles to smoothen the setup of your married life.

There are places where your guests can register for extraordinary experiences, like gift cards for airlines or hotels and cash refunds. You must search for wedding registry Canada on the web for more information about this, For more information about this.

If you are a cohabiting couple, then you must make two lists. One should be the list of items you already have and the other for the things you need. This way, you can tally up with the original wedding registry.


With that, we have concluded this article. We hope we can help you understand why a wedding registry Canada is needed even for cohabiting couples. It is the perfect opportunity to redecorate your house. It might sound a bit greedy, but you should make the most of this time.

But, a wedding registry is necessary for guests to consider and end up with a gift. And, you would want to decorate your home with skills presented by your loved ones.


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