When Do You Require to Translate Your Birth Certificate?


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A birth certificate is an essential document; it contains vital information and is needed in critical processes including education, jobs, marriage, immigration, and visa among others. So the lack of birth certificates can create severe problems in an individual’s life.

It’s legally compulsory to interpret your birth certificate if you’re moving into a country where the primary language isn’t the same as the terminology employed on your birth certificate.

If you want to be appropriate for grants or privileges in the US, you may require to translate your birth certificate before traveling. It is worked for a variety of purposes, including:

  • Enrolling in school
  • Applying for a passport
  • Applying for a driver’s license
  • Applying for social security benefits and more

You cannot do this task yourself if you are going through the immigration process. USCIS requires that a professional translator transpose your birth certificate before you present any filing including the birth certificate. Though you are fluent in English and the language of your birth certificate still a qualified translator is required. Translation service providers include individual professional translators and certified translation agencies. Your translator must include their name, sign, location, and date of certification to comply with USCIS rules.

Birth Certificates

The Submission of Birth Certificates for USCIS:

There are two methods in which the birth certificates are validated for presentation to the USCIS. The following points define those methods;

1. Whether the birth certificate is entirely in English: Is your birth certificate entirely in English? Including every line, every text, and all the main details? Are you sure that no little tag is in your native language? You are one hundred percent confident that the translation is not needed because ‘there is nothing to translate!’ Take the certificate to US embassy around you and ask them to validate the certificate. Once they fixed the stamp on your document, you are good to go!

2. When the birth certificate is not entirely in English: It is mostly in English, but there are minute headings on the top, and the name of the hospital is not in English. You must go to the translation agency to translate a birth certificate in English. The translation will need to be prepared by an agency that is authorized by the American Translator’s Association. Universal Translation Services is a noble member of ATA, and we are 24/7 ready to get the certified translation solutions for you.

The translation that you will get for a birth certificate to be submitted to the USCIS will require the following aspects:

Official Recognition: Every submitted translation will need to be conducted by either a professional translator or the translation agency that is the member of any regulatory body such as ATA.

Formatting: Every side inscription, signature or title that is not in English will need to be translated into English to submit the document to the USCIS. We have a great team that will do all of that for you!

Certificate of Accuracy: The certificate of accuracy that you get needs to be filled with stamps and accreditations that we provide happily to our clients. Our certificate of authentication will not be rejected.

Consider Our Translation Services for Your USCIS Birth Certificate Translation Needs

• A Birth Certificate Translation: A birth certificate is not an artistic document. We translate birth certificates because it is essential when you submit your immigration application to the USCIS officials. There are certain expectations from every translated birth certificate; they are as follows;

• Certified Translation: Certified translation is needed by immigration, high school, and college use and enrollment, passport office usage, and several other local, state, and Federal government official uses. The translation of your birth certificate has to be precise and reliable so that USCIS can accept it as a convincing translation. A certified translation is a translation that occurs with an assurance of precision provided by the translator that declares that the translation is the efficiency of the translator and the signs to that effect.

• Format: The format of the translated birth certificate has to be identical to the original birth certificate. The text, titles, signatures, all have to go with the original document. They need to be identical, and that requires particular expertise that only a proper translation agency can provide.

• Reliability: Reliability, significant to the receiving office, is essential to the translation agency. That is why you have to make sure that the translation agency is officially authorized accurately and appropriately.

Our expert team of certified translators is able and has the experience to finish your task on time with precision while our project manager is always available to you every step of the way. We always keep our promise of quick turnaround times and exceptional quality delivering you the best value in the translation industry.

How Do I Get My Birth Certificate Translation?

There are three steps to preparing your authentic birth certificate translation:

• Upload or Email your certificates: Scan your certificates to PDF or any image form. If you have more than one birth certificate, you can zip them into one zip file for fast uploading.

• Make your payment online: After we count out the price (based on how long your certificates are), we will give you an immediate quote and payment link by email. You can pay online.

• Get your birth certificate translations in the mail or by post.


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