Kitchen Hacks: How to Maintain Your Dishwasher


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One of the most important aspects of technology evolution was for people to use less energy and have more time during the day. When you an owner of appliances which make your life easier, it is simply a convenience almost everyone can afford nowadays. And with new and improved versions of these products, research has proven you will be helping the entire earth by doing so. They use less electrical energy than ever and can help you save up on water. And we have reached a point where everyone ought to be eco-friendly.

Kitchen Hacks - How to Maintain Your Dishwasher

When it comes to kitchen appliances, one of the major time saving and stress-reducing ones is, no doubt, the dishwasher. Especially if you have a large family, or often host dinner parties for your friends. But such an appliance, operating on an everyday basis, needs regular cleaning and maintenance, or else you will end up with more mess in your kitchen, both literally and figuratively.

Inspection and Maintenance

Just as it goes for your car, it is the same for your dishwasher – prevention is the best cure. All the sanitary benefits are reduced if you don’t clean and inspect the parts regularly. If you need replacement parts, going with Wholesale Appliance Supplies is the most cost-effective option. Thinking about a setback of doing it by hand again should be enough of a motivation not to wait for things to get worse. And people forget about this part so often, probably because the dishwasher is used to clean other objects. But fully-operational parts and regular cleaning are crucial, and it will affect the quality and thoroughness of processes.

The most important thing for you to realize is the filters are there for the smallest parts and can clog easily. You still need to scrape and rinse off the dishes and utensils as a step one. Also, remember to take out and hand-clean the filter every once in a while. A broken or damaged filter can cause some serious motor and pump problems. Check out the inside for debris and get rid of it. If needed, use a sewing needle (not a toothpick, as the tip can easily break off!) Then use a rag and warm water to freshen it up, while checking for mold and rust.

High temperatures during the cycle will leave the inside damp and warm after the cycle is finished, creating the perfect environment for mold and microbes in general. It is important you leave the door open for a couple of minutes every time, so it can air dry. Read an owner’s manual, and do not overload for a cycle. Pay attention to the sealing area, it needs to be cleaned as well. If you’re a perfectionist, there are many deodorizers for dishwashers available you will simply love. The soap scum needs to be cleaned regularly, and it is extremely easy to do it. You just to need to run a full cycle with no dishes inside, just a cup of vinegar on the top rack.

Benefits and Advantages

Buying a dishwasher will be on the list of life-changing events. You probably do not even realize the amount of time you spend on this chore. Whether you like to wash everything as it gets dirty, or pile it up until your procrastination doesn’t have a “there’s more plates” excuse anymore, the change will be equally satisfying. Advantages one and two – time-efficient and stress reducing

If you belong to the group of people who believe it can’t be as clean as if you had washed it, let me stop you immediately. Do you know your kitchen is a room with most germs at your household? Having you sponge and rinse the dishes can’t beat the sterile environment and extremely hot water that kills all germs, but would leave you severely burnt. Advantage three – better sanitary and health conditions.

For the second most satisfying moment of buying a dishwasher, you will have to wait for a month. And when the first utility bills arrive, and you realize the extent of how much lower are your both electricity and water bills, combined with not washing a single dish for a month, it will hit you. Advantages four and five – eco-friendly and saving you money


Sanitary conditions should always be a priority when it comes to food and kitchen in general. The way of life is that machines can simply do some things better than people, due to high-pressure pumps and temperatures we can’t risk being exposed to. But there is one thing they can’t do, and that is taking care of themselves. You need to understand that, in order for machines to make your life easier and save you time, you need to put some effort in maintenance and regular inspection of parts.


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