Ways to Update Your Home’s Look


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Are you looking to freshen up your home’s look and increase its overall resale value? Or, do you just want to alter your surroundings for a change of pace? You don’t have to remodel your house to revamp it. From repainting your kitchen cabinets to getting a new window installation, here are a few easy ways to update your home’s look.

Ways to Update Your Homes Look

Painting or Staining Your Kitchen Cabinets

Wooden kitchen cabinet surfaces tend to show obvious signs of aging. Their old paint usually peels off, and they even develop visible stains and scratch marks. Furnishings made from plain stained wood can also get discolored patches.

A good way to make them look new is by giving them a coat of paint. A nice solid color will surely make the surface look even and smooth. Meanwhile, if you want to show off the natural grains of a wooden cabinet, an alternative option would be sanding it down and staining it.

Replace Cabinet Handles

A kitchen cabinet’s handles are another feature that can be a telltale sign of its age. Many times, they are plated or constructed from metal, and this material can develop scuff marks that make them dull and worn. The design or form of these handles can also look dated, as some patterns or shapes are reminiscent of certain eras. Replacing them with the latest styles will instantly make your cabinet look new.

Install New Bathroom Fixtures

Just like the handles on a kitchen cabinet, metal bathroom fixtures can easily show signs of aging. Aside from scratch marks, they also acquire hard water stains and rust. Plus, older fixtures also tend to leak. They waste water and increase your utility expenses. All these negatively affect how potential buyers see your home.

Install new bathroom fixtures to make space look more updated. Currently, there are faucets and showerheads available on allorausa.com that have water-saving features. These not only help you cut down on your utility expenses but also increase your home’s value as many potential buyers prefer them.

Add New Lighting

Although it may not seem like a big addition, lighting plays an important role in the ambiance of your home. Sometimes a space can look small and cramped when it isn’t properly lit. And you can instantly open up the area and make it look brighter by strategically installing new lighting fixtures.

It can be as simple as getting new table lamps, but you can also install more permanent fixtures, such as chandeliers and wall lights. The great thing about them is they also serve as decorative pieces even when they’re not switched on. So, remember to choose ones that look nice and enhance your space.

Get New Windows

Another great way to change up the lighting in your home is to replace your windows. Swapping out your frames can alter the way the sunlight enters your home. For example, if you have ones constructed from thick bands of steel or wood, swapping them out for those with thinner lines will allow more sunshine into the space. These types of frames are also best for featuring your surroundings, which can be beneficial if your property overlooks a nice view.

These windows can also serve as decorative pieces. You can choose ornate frames that make a strong visual impact and tie together the look of the whole room. Make sure you also upgrade your window panes to those that have insulation during your window installation. These can help you cut down on your electrical bills and further add to the resale value of your home.

Create an Outdoor Lounge Area

These updates don’t have to be limited indoors. You can create an outdoor lounge area to extend your living space outside. Start by strategically placing some comfortable seating and a few tables for basic furnishing in your backyard.

You can add other features such as fire pits, fairy lights, and a few potted plants to enhance the ambiance. Consider also having a pergola installed in this area so you can enjoy the outdoors in the shade.

These are just some ways you can update your home’s look. Make sure to get a reliable home improvement contractor that can expertly perform these renovations.


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